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Australians Eating American Food #MURICA

I didnt realize how much junk food we take for granted!

I had no idea that slim jims (aka: my only meal when I started in radio) were so specific to America. 69 more words


'Thanks for that image': Lena Dunham just ruined Cheetos for all of us

Nothing good. Nothing good. RT @BecketAdams: WAIT….WHAT DID LENA DUNHAM DO TO A BAG OF CHEETOS????

— AmishDude (@TheAmishDude) October 22, 2014

Lena Dunham’s wrapped up her grand book tour, but not without leaving the public with a strong hankering for Purell:

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Phantom Gourmet: Lulu's In Allston

ALLSTON – Have you ever had a Mexican Cheeto? How about Frito Chili Pie? Beer and Bacon Pancakes? At Lulu’s in Allston, comfort food is getting crazy and hungry customers are eating it up. 960 more words

Boston's Best

Girl Interrupted

Ya’ll I have been so busy I forgot to mention poor Amanda Bynes, who has gone off her meds and was acting crazy again. Have you guys seen her twitter feed? 113 more words


Day 5: Buncha Crunch

Day 5

Relaxing day. Cleaned. Did laundry. Ate some Cheetos. Watched Scandal.

Hope all of y’all have had a nice Sunday, too! :)

Truth 5… 105 more words


Video: Billy (Days of Howling) premieres in English

We hear a lot about road rage and distracted driving, but not so much about daycare rage and distracted parenting.

Quebec City playwright Fabien Cloutier is treading relatively unexplored territory with Billy (Les jours de hurlement), now playing in English as Billy (Days of Howling) at Théâtre la Chapelle. 517 more words

Local Arts

Little Utah

The crinkle-crinkle of the Cheetos bag sounds different.

It’s a better sound than potato chip bags make.  It’s almost musical.  Maybe it’s the slickness of the bag, maybe there is a slight echo the dusty cheesy residue helps create.   488 more words