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Having successfully ridden my bike to school for the first time (although I was still a few minutes late) I enjoyed a day of Japanese class and literature.   333 more words

Cheetos and M&Ms

Oh, I love me some Cheetos (the puffy kind, don’t be fooled by the crunch) and M&Ms together with an ice-cold bottle of Pepsi.  Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.   670 more words

Piano Lessons

Everyone in my family has some sort of musical talent. And I mean everyone. Both my dad and my step father play the guitar and sing. 1,179 more words

Gotcha! Best of Brands April Fools Pranks of 2014

Coming from someone who has a deep love of pranking,  I can honestly say that the marketing pranks this year from top brands such as: Cheetos, American Eagle, Fresh Direct and Fruit of the Loom –had me laughing and thinking. 414 more words

These cats dyed and groomed to resemble lions and tigers look pretty livid

Let sleeping dogs lie, they say. But perhaps they should also have said something about not painting cats to look like flowerbeds.

And they should have said it really loudly while in New Jersey, where the world’s largest (and most bonkers) pet-grooming summit has just taken place. 189 more words


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And you thought you loved Cheetos . . .

An Open Letter To Chester Cheetah

Dear Chester Cheetah,
(may I call you Chester?)
Dear Chester,

One never knows how to start a letter of admission to love. Especially the kind of love that is so strong, it’s considered to be the catalyst of other loves… obsessions, really, if we’re gonna be so honest. 427 more words

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