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Get you own Cheetos...

There’s a great little tidbit in Luke 17 which could solve America’s problems, and perhaps man kinds’.

Expect nothing.

I deserve nothing. I am owed nothing. 161 more words


Go do something new (hey that rhymes)

Last Saturday, I looked at paintings and had a bubblegum smoothie after – a pretty solid afternoon if you ask me. For my art class, we were required to visit an art gallery downtown and write a paper about two art pieces. 788 more words

Video - DCC Doritos/Cheetos/Fritos Commercial

The DCC have made many television appearances and I stumbled across this old Doritos commercial featuring “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”  There is another version featuring some of the real squad members, but this one is pretty cute. 6 more words

America's Sweethearts

The Amazon Trail

Cheetos and Chipmunks

        Married life is all it’s cracked up to be. For which I am very grateful since my sweetheart became my wife four years ago on 10/10/10. 893 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Happiness in a Box pt. 2

Update: Gardening is rough!

It took 14 weeks to grow a carrot the size of most Cheetos.

I’m really proud of it.

My tomatoes turn black due to “Blossom end rot” which means there was too much nitrogen in the soil. 47 more words

It's Not Easy Being Cheesy

Here in America, we hold these three rights to be self evident… life, liberty, and the pursuit of salty snacks.  Sure we love our potato chips, pretzels, and corn chips big enough to scoop the wax out of an elephant’s ear… but find a way to throw a bunch of goopy, gloppy cheese onto a partially hydrogenated snack, and you’ll have us licking our fingers in dried-on orange colored crap anticipation! 1,160 more words

TV Commercials

Eating Cheetos Alone in a Hotel Room: An Unexpected Paradise

For months now (about three, to be exact), I’ve been wanting to go back and fill in some stories from the traveling I did this summer. 887 more words

Camino De Santiago