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The stunning curvature of the D-3 Chef Knife, beautiful, perfect size, excessively functional

The shape of this D-3 chef knife is perfect in ways only restricted by what you dream up. From paring, to dicing , to a full blown medium size chef it can do it all and the only limits are you imagination.

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Happy Gifting ='s Happy Wifey

Fra la la la laaaa!

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift is crazy stressful- especially if you wait till the last minute.

Before you reach for that pre-boxed generic gift (I mean think about it, would you EVER buy that in June!?)- check out some gifts that I think will bring a huge smile to any Wifey’s* face. 265 more words

The D-7 245 mm. Could it be the perfect chef knife?

The Maestro Wu D-7 series comes in all the popular sizes up to 275mm, but 9.5 times out of 10 I always migrate towards the 245 mm or 9.5 inch chef knife. 62 more words

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The best or at least one of them the D-6 Medium Chef

This IMOP, Is one of the best knives built by Maestro Wu, this is one of the best cutters I’ve ever seen and numerous letters of thanks prove that the size and unprecedented edge retention make it one of the best there is. 153 more words

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D-7 8.5 inch Maestro Wu chef knife freehand sharpened on Nubatama's

The Great Maestro Wu D series of Chef knives. This is the D-7 8.5 inch I sharpened on a different than usual stone, still Japanese Whetstones but from a completely different maker. 127 more words

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