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6 simple steps to keep your knives looking their best

So you’ve bought yourself a shiny brand new knife, maybe even after visiting our official site at www.sohoknives where after seeing our wide range of knives you fell in love with one. 567 more words


Watch the Duckathlon 2014 Video

Drumroll please ….Here’s the video of our first-ever public Duckathlon!

This year our farmers came together with our chef clients and they served up games and challenges, and most importantly plenty of food and drink. 80 more words



This framed picture has been hanging on the wall of my office through much of my career. It is a beacon of inspiration that requires me to self-assess and always ask, “Is what I’m doing right now, good enough for Escoffier?” The answer is usually, “No.” Back to the drawing board, work harder, research and learn more; Escoffier is the standard bearer for cooks and chefs. 734 more words

Kitchen related links

As an avid curious person I find interesting articles and internet sites all the time. During my years as a professional chef  all kind of internet links caught my attention, and I will share them here in time. 213 more words

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Time to Post a New CHEF TELL Recipe

Realizing I have not posted on this blog page in a while, I figured it is time to post a new CHEF TELL recipe. This one is from the book, 234 more words