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Political Correctness in Marketing

Does political correctness belong in marketing? Personally I don’t believe political correctness belongs anywhere. The idea that one must walk around constantly afraid someone somewhere is going to be offended by something is exhausting. 295 more words


Chef's Sayings

I remember when I was in College . I used to watch Julia Child’s Cooking Show during dinner and joke with my roommates about becoming a TV Chef -Martin Yan… 122 more words

Shout closing Dec. 23

Recently, the news hit that Leigh Catherall, co-founder of Here To Serve Restaurants, is now the full owner and CEO of the Atlanta-based restaurant group, and that chef Tom Catherall will retire. 119 more words

Bob Townsend

Dinner Candles - The Perfect Touch To Celebrate Any Feast

Special company coming over tonight?Or is this the first holiday dinner your hosting?

Either way, this dinner has to be perfect!   With our 12 inch tapered candles your dinner will be just that. 143 more words

Home Decor

Behind-the-scenes: Think Out of the Box, The Japanese Way

Its beautiful weather this Friday morning! All grey and rainy.. Makes you want to cuddle up to little Dino. You will see Dino if you take a peep at my Instagram :) 206 more words

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Hector Santiago's Super Pan pop-up at Sound Table tonight

Maybe it’s a little preview of the Latin restaurant he’s planning for Ponce City Market? Or not. But Hector Santiago of Pura Vida fame is hosting another Super Pan pop-up at the… 39 more words

Bob Townsend