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How banal can literature be?

The term banal is defined as “so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring”. Some enlightening synonyms for the term include: vapid, predictable, commonplace, uninspired and humdrum. 848 more words

Three Sisters, Southwark Playhouse

Originally written for Exeunt.

A clock is ticking in the Prozorov household. Minutes pass loudly, inexorably, mercilessly. When the hour noisily announces itself, each chime a dagger for the siblings who count the seconds of their self-imposed exile, the purgatorial tenor of the Southwark Playhouse’s new imagining of  609 more words


21 April 2014: Anton Chekhov

Today I am grateful to Anton Chekhov for his profound, varied and touching writing. I am listening to an audio book of his short stories: some laugh-out-loud funny, some heartbreaking sad. 10 more words


Why Isn't Chekhov Taught in High School?

(It shouldn’t be, by the way.) I was talking with a friend about stuff I’d read recently or wanted to read, and Chekhov’s name came up and he said in passing, “Oh, he wasn’t in the high school curriculum.” 461 more words

Born to Shop

I never wear white
It makes me look fat
It wipes out my complexion
And being a slob, white isn’t right for me.
But what a great white dress discovered… 181 more words

First Night Design | Katherine Mansfield 1888-1923 | Quotes

In my opinion, New Zealand-born Katherine Mansfield was one of the greatest exponents of the short story. I devoured her work as a teenager and promptly tried to write just like her. 337 more words


scraping the day away.

I just built a web scraper – and made it work. After a week of trying and getting frustrated, I buckled down today, enlisted the help of some overly generous classmates and a professor who was answering questions way too late at night, and spent nearly ten hours getting this done. 271 more words