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Un-Manning Private Bradley

Well, it seems that the diminutive traitor formerly known as Private Bradley Manning and now preferring to be called Chelsea Elizabeth Manning will be allowed to remain in relatively safe military confinement rather than be sent to a federal civilian prison. 208 more words

Decision made on soldier convicted in WikiLeaks scandal's gender treatment

Bradley Manning, who now calls herself Chelsea Manning, will get her first gender treatment while in military custody.

The decision comes after the Bureau of Prisons rejected the Army’s request to transfer the national security leaker from a military prison to a civilian facility. 58 more words


US Army to begin Chelsea Manning's gender treatment

WASHINGTON – National security leaker Chelsea Manning can get initial treatment for a gender-identity condition from the U.S. military, after defence officials initially said the Army didn’t have the medical expertise needed to give Manning the best treatment. 568 more words


The US military will begin treatment for US document leaker Chelsea Manning for her gender-identity condition.

Defence secretary Chuck Hagel has approved gender treatment for Pte First Class Manning, who was formerly known as Bradley. 97 more words


'Desert' at Latitude this weekend. New Dates for Chelsea Manning play.


The Molino Group are at Latitude Festival in Suffolk this weekend with ‘Desert’; their compelling play telling Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing story from joining the army to her 35 year sentence. 1,134 more words


Fourth of July 2014

God did bless America!
With Daniel Ellsberg

Chelsea Manning
& Edward Snowden

America, land of these three free
America, home of these three brave


New York City Pride marchers call for freedom for all political prisoners

Supporters of freedom for Nestora Salgado and Chelsea Manning marched in New York City pride parade this weekend with colorful banners calling for the release of all political prisoners.