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由德國籍的發明家Peter J. Schlumbohm設計的Chemex咖啡壼一直在我的Wish list裡,外形像是化學實驗室的玻璃燒瓶,腰間繫了一個木環,綑上皮腰帶,腰帶打結處,還附上了小木球。我其實不知道這咖啡壼泡出來的咖啡有甚麼過人之處,只覺得它美麗不已。好多年前在紐約MoMA遇上,那時剛畢業工作不久,近千元的咖啡壼著實奢侈,只能擦肩而過。今年於柏林又重遇,價錢便宜了一半,聽朋友說香港其實也能找到,想著想著就沒買,實情還有一個理由——這個便宜的版本怎麼看怎麼不對勁,就是沒MoMA遇到的美,瓶子由上而下多了一道接合紋,看來是倒模製作的痕跡。回家上網一查發現MoMA出售的是人手吹製的版本,而且除MoMA外幾乎只有美國的Philadelphia Museum of Art有賣。


(除了著名的Chemex Coffee Maker外,Peter J. Schlumbohm其實還設計了醒酒器、調酒器等。)

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Chemex Love

To say that I love my new Chemex is an understatement. I’d heard great things about this pour over system, but I’d never had coffee brewed with a Chemex until now. 229 more words


#Coffee brewing with a #chemex

Sometimes a video is the best way to demonstrate how to make coffee.

Intelligentsia gives us a real overview of how to achieve a good beverage from cappuccino, pour over to… 11 more words


Shakshuka from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty Cookbook

I am really bad with cookbooks: I love them, but I never seem to find the time to use them. How nice would it be to have a pantry full of all the possible ingredients, then pick up a recipe at random and say “today I am going to cook / bake this!”. 501 more words


What I'm Drinking Right Now - Maps Coffee Roasters Sidamo

Had an opportunity yesterday to meet Vince Rodriguez, the man behind Velo+ bike shop and Maps Coffee Roasters in Lenexa, KS. This was a relatively quick meet & greet as I did recon for the article on local coffee I was hired to write by the Overland Park Convention and Visitors Bureau for their 2015 Visitors Guide. 469 more words

What I'm Drinking Now

Day Two: In Which We Bake Because It's October

October is my favorite month.  There’s really nothing more perfect than the crisp air, the low humidity, and the rapidly declining mosquito population.
In celebration, I baked muffins this morning. 343 more words


Birthdays for Days

Long time no post! Sorry I knew once i started school it’d be harder to take time to post about stuff I was working on LOL… 59 more words