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First steps; baby steps.

I start something and find it hard to carry on with it.  I get excited about a new project and then get distracted by another.  I’m known for it by my friends and family.   624 more words


A simple summary of a hard task.

I’m not a blogger, or a writer.  I am a person who struggles with me.  My goal from this blog is to learn to love myself and the one way I think I can do this is to write about it, get it out there, as well as being able to look back. 646 more words


Is 'Mental' Ilnness & 'Addiction' Simply an Excuse for ongoing Bad Behavior?

Mental illness and Addiction are both categories of behaviors that are impossible to prove as ‘diseases’.  In fact, if you go to 10 different psychiatrists, you will get 10 different diagnoses!  243 more words

Addictive Medications

A Leaderless Flock is Prone to Mass Death [Video]

Sheep are always a leaderless flock and just follow one another. So when the one in front jumps off a cliff, all the others follow… 486 more words


Psychiatry is NOT a Medical Practice by Fred Baughman, Jr, MD, Child Neurologist


Our emotions—be they elation, depression or anxiety—are a barometer of how we are doing at the game of life. If you reject what your feelings and emotions are telling you, these signals become muddled and lose their attachment to specific failures or successes. 578 more words

Prescription Drug Addiction