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Chocolate fact of the day no. 3

Can chocolate give you a migraine?

A migraine is the worst headache you can imagine; throbbing pain usually on one side of your head that is accompanied by sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells, with nausea and or vomiting.   609 more words


10 Scriptures for Gloomy Days of Depression

Depression is an issue that impacts everyone. Christians and unbelievers alike suffer from fear, anxiety, and overwhelming stress. If you are not depressed than you know somebody who is or has been. 1,756 more words


A Chemical Imbalance Makes for a Conflicted Person

Journal Entry for Wednesday, 17 April 2013:

“I was depressed, anxious, and conflicted.  I’d feel happy, then angry.  I was angry with the trials, challenges, and changes happening in my life.  

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Non-Conformity & Creativity Now Listed As A Mental Illness By Psychiatrists | Breaking Deception

This isn’t something new, in the Soviet Union, a systematic political abuse of psychiatry took place and was based on the interpretation of political dissent as a psychiatric problem.  57 more words


It's a life-time thing

The other day a friend of mine said to me, “O, you used to have OCD right?”

I wanted to laugh out load.

You don’t “ 436 more words


The Real deal

So by the time I was in my third year of studies (and my third psychologist) , my mom was getting desperate.

Funny enough, a few years ago, my cousin was diagnosed with OCD. 243 more words


Everyday life

This week has been an odd little bundle of complications. Of frustrations and blindsided punches. I’ve been left feeling tired, but thanks in part, well ok mostly to good medication, and an unstoppable desire to keep fighting the good fight, I have ridden through it. 530 more words