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Perchance to sleep

I am a simple bear. When I travel, I like to just throw the sleeping bag in the back of the van and hit the open road. 199 more words


Who Am I and Why Am I Here?


As I looked at this glorious full moon this morning that I renamed The Blossom Moon (true name is the Rose Moon for it’s coloring,) I felt insignificant, yet so very real and whole.  401 more words

Life Journeys

Mitochondria... Mightimportant

“The Force is strong with this one.”  

Or not, as the case may be.  There’s a part in STar Wars where Obi-Wan talks about midi-chlorians and how they are microscopic life forms living within our cells.   722 more words


Snow or Sun - there is no question

Have you wondered what I have been up to the last few weeks? You know I have too.

I returned from Mexico to Massachusetts to welcome new baby, Isaiah, into the world. 350 more words


Olfactory Political Correctness

Oh dry shampoo, why must you smell of pineapple or tropical blooms? Are you not made of cornstarch and propellant?  Must I trail the mists of Hawaii behind me when I cannot bear wet hair? 277 more words

Adult Asperger's