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B&W Photo Challenge Day 5

Last day of the B&W Photo Challenge.

Photograph taken with a Fuji gw690 III on T-max 100 developed with Kodak HC-110 in Brittany (France).


Make-up; only for prostitutes and loose women?

Let’s travel back in time together. To the 30th of September 1760, to be precise. Lady Maria Coventry, Countess of Coventry, has just passed away at age 27. 621 more words

Sexy Saturday: Sex, Love and Chemistry (the actual science kind)

If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie or read a really bad YA novel, then you’ll know that having sex with someone will definitely for sure make you love them forever and ever until you die. 450 more words


B&W Photo Challenge Day 4

In January 2011 and January 2012 I went to Morocco. I photographed on b&w film.

In January 2014 I had an exhibition of that work at the Galerie d’Art Contemporaine Mohamed Drissi in Tanger (Morocco). 37 more words


Preventive Measures for People Working With Dangerous Chemicals

Are you working with hazardous chemicals that include toxics, corrosives, solvents, etc? Hence in order to be safe-guarded from such chemical blending services it is very important to take certain preventive measures such as washing your hands before eating, especially after handling chemicals or leaving your contaminated cloth at work itself. 8 more words



I haven’t posted in a couple days, but for good reasons. I have been busy, but one thing stands out. Writing about music is what I want to do, and I stumbled upon a website called Mind Equals Blown. 195 more words


Amour Addicts Anonymous

you invaded, though
more like a fast-acting parasite
than a Roman legion.

spores entered my blood steam
through the gash
left by cupid’s arrow

that fat little fucker… 87 more words