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Harmful Mercury Additive Still Found In Vaccines


From Issue: Volume XVIII – Number 19

Kirt Ramirez

Drug store pharmacies in Long Beach and across the nation already have signs out to “get your flu shot here.” But what they don’t tell you is the vaccines contain mercury – the most toxic element on Earth after plutonium. 1,199 more words


Thoughts Of Kenny: The Scientific Idea Of Being In Love

If you’ve listened to our podcast, it should not surprise you that we have more to say about this idea of love. Since Shamus wrote… 1,996 more words


CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury In Vaccines Is Linked To Autism


Dr. Brian Hooker, a PhD scientist, has been advocating for the removal of mercury in vaccinations for the past 10 years. He has constantly requested (over 100 times)  documents held by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 946 more words


Why vaccines did not save us

Read on this page and see how statistics are falsified by the vaccine industry and the governments to support their  thesis of disease prevention and elimination of vaccine… 411 more words


Wheat Update

Most wheat is at Feekes scale 10.1 or older, this is often called the early heading stage. At this growth rate wheat is about 3-5 days behind normal heading date. 138 more words


Foam and Flames

This link is to a recently released HBO documentary entitled “The Toxic Hot Seat”. It follows the discovery, investigation and difficulties encountered as a varied group of professionals attempt to change a law designed to protect them and their families. http://bit.ly/1qPIA5G