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Chapter 2 Matter and Energy: Section 3 Assessment

Section 3 Assessment:
1. accuracy refers to how close a measurement is to the true or actual value. precision is a measure of the exactness of a measurement. 391 more words


The Ten Oddball Symbols on the Periodic Table of the Elements

Most symbols for elements on the periodic table are easy to learn, such as those for carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen:  C, O, and N. There are ten “oddballs,” though, because their symbols originated in other languages, and do not match their English names. 149 more words

Science And Scientists

5 Second Video

This weekend challenge was brief yet challenging:  “Let’s see how much story you can tell in just 5 seconds!”  My video involves chemistry humor – hope you enjoy it!


The Kind Men of Mankind

I owe Moe an apology.

I wrote and told him that I had joined MeetUp to find groups of people with common interests (not to find a date), and I explained that I was uncomfortable meeting one-on-one with a complete stranger. 348 more words


Let Students Run Demos

My husband Mr. Jammula (aka Professor Jay) tried this practice yesterday for the first time and it was all we could talk about at dinner. I confess I didn’t witness it first hand, but I asked him a lot of questions to see how he did it and how it went, and what was his reflection. 610 more words

Teacher Practice



Intravenous fluid must be given at a specific rate, neither too fast nor too slow. The specific rate may be measured as ml/hour, L/hour or drops/min. 83 more words