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Personal Epiphany, High School, 1994

My high school chemistry teacher was rumored to be a lesbian. I hoped it was true. In some ways, she fit the profile: she had cropped graying hair, tiny gold hoop earrings, and always wore white boating shoes. 572 more words


Holy Fuck

Hands hurt. Brain drained. Need something, but I don’t know what…

I got my exams back from last week, well two of them anyway. B on my orgo exam and a C on my calc III exam. 360 more words



There is something truly lovely about having a “difficult conversation” turn out to make you and your cutie admire each other even more than when you began!   434 more words

Chemical Reaction of the Week!

With all the excitement of yesterday’s Boston Marathon, I forgot about the chemical reaction of the week. Also, I learned how to put the molecules on a black background, so that’s exciting. 6 more words


Vitamins from meteorites

This paper describes the analysis of chemicals in a collection of meteorites. The meteorites were all of a type called carbonaceous chondrites. They are an uncommon variety which are distinctive for their content of organic compounds, including amino acids and common heterocyclic compounds – some of the basic building blocks of life on Earth. 173 more words


Let's Fall Into Like

While having yet another heated discussion with my boyfriend over this past week we began discussing our different views of what it means to like someone and how one goes about developing this sudden infatuation with a person, whether it be a friend or stranger. 760 more words