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'tis a good day after all

Another accomplishment for my pseudo-student life. You might say that I have a boring summer vacation because I’m doing all these stuff. But hell yeah, it’s all worth it. 9 more words

Student Life

Weekend Homework for 17/4/14 (Thu)

Long weekend ahead, spend the time wisely! :)


  1. Assignment 24


Re: 本周作业
From: Liu Jun 17-04-14     
To: Class 3B1



作业:1. 成语单191-200…

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Historische Hilfswissenschaften

“History-helping sciences.”

The small differences in the lists of ancillary historical research fields contributed by German and English wikipedia authors are interesting.

Historische Hilfswissenschaften… 222 more words

Chemistry Reflection

Many metals react with acids. When this happens the metal fizzes as bubbles, bubbles are produce means a gas is produce in the reaction.

To know is hydrogen is produce we could place a burning splint on top of a test tube. 69 more words


Monochromatic Fair

This post is a bit early considering the fair doesn’t open until tomorrow, but I figured I would give you a heads up! It opens around 1pm slt and you can click… 184 more words

School Life

When I turned 17, Elizabeth caught the scarlet fever. As she recovered however, my mother in turn caught the fever and died. Before she died, she took my hand with Elizabeth’s and reminded us of her desire for us to be married. 283 more words

Chemical Reactions and Equations - N.C.E.R.T Questions

N.C.E.R.T books plays great role in the preparation of examination whether it is your term examination or competitive exam. Thorough study of the N.C.E.R.T books will give you an edge over other candidate. 16 more words