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Kids (and Adults, for that Matter), Do NOT Try This at Home!

Mischievous students are often eager to start Chemistry class with dreams of creating explosives, mixing up deadly poisons, or dissolving things in corrosive acid. Much to the surprise and harm of many people every year, the typical household already possesses more than enough ingredients for havoc. 251 more words


Spherical ice

I treated myself to some spherical ice moulds. Despite them having the appearance of something extravagant, they were actually quite cheap.

I bought them online from… 91 more words

The Diary

Today in Science History: 22nd November

1981 – Sir Hans Krebs, Nobel Prize winner and discoverer of the citric acid cycle, died. Krebs was a German biologist who spent the latter part of his career working in England. 205 more words

On This Day

Paid Notice: Deaths OZIMEK, RICHARD T. by Unknown Author

By Unknown Author

OZIMEK–Richard T., 85, formerly of Rye, NY and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida died peacefully at his home in Warren, NJ on November 20. 30 more words


Gracie. Out-of-Focus date.

And so I start my dating spree. I also note that I’m lagging Tracey’s efforts.

I’d been having an email exchange with a man who sounded normal and intelligent, and after a few back & forths, we decided to meet up. 370 more words

No Sex

Chapter 9: Compounds of carbon

Carbon atoms have four electrons in their outer shell. (We therefore say that carbon has a valency of four.“) Carbon thus forms exactly 4 covalent bonds with… 110 more words


Chapter 1: How did Chemistry begin?

Mendeleev arranged the elements in order increasing atomic mass, which caused iodine and tellerium to appear the other way around. We now arrange the elements in order of… 64 more words