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Informative Presentations and Photos from the 2014 National Neutropenia Network Family Conference

The 2014 Neutropenia Family Conference was the most informative and well attended.

Copies of the informative presentations from the 2014 Conference on neutropenia are now available, including those by Dr. 83 more words

Jasmine Greenamyer: Insurance exchanges fail to protect colon cancer patients

Opinion – Rhode Islanders speak out on issues | Providence Journal http://bitly.com/VtOfTV

Jasmine Greenamyer: Insurance exchanges fail to protect colon cancer patients


Robin Williams - Death By Despair

Robin Williams apparent suicide has started a dialogue about depression, addilction, and mental illness in this country.

All well warranted issues that need to be addressed, depression is such a common occurence and affects so many families, it might end up being Williams’ greatest legacy. 554 more words


Breast cancer lesson 131: Why some risks are worth taking

Oncologists and travel insurance companies have one thing in common. Neither seems to go out of their way to promote the idea of holidaying while on chemo. 1,428 more words

Breast Cancer

Chemo Day #2

I had my second chemo appointment this week.

It wasn’t too bad, except I had a not so nice provider administering my chemo dosage. This lady was competent enough, except she had to do everything twice. 422 more words

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Breast cancer lesson number 130: How to holiday with no hair

First, find a cliff (preferably a windy one that is not too far from home so you don’t need to contemplate travel insurance and so that your acute oncology hotline card is still useful). 369 more words

Breast Cancer