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Breast cancer lesson 157: It takes time to heal

I have lost a nail. Now, if this had been as a result of an ill-timed run up the stairs or poor football move, it wouldn’t exactly be headline news. 397 more words

Breast Cancer

And the verdict is in.....

PET scan is clean.  So why do I feel like we got the “guilty” verdict and a prison sentence anyway?  When I was asked how I felt today, I thought….”indifferent”.   762 more words


what wig?

My first experience with a wig fitting was at the American Cancer Society.  Someone at the hospital had referred me to them as a viable option for a wig.  642 more words

Breast Cancer

make-up magic

I’ve written a lot about the awareness of inner beauty that I developed while undergoing chemo (see my post, “beauty and the beast“); however, that doesn’t mean that a girl doesn’t want to try and look her best while going through hell and back.  345 more words

Breast Cancer

Mind, Body and Spirit

A study by Dr Anna Phillips, of the University of Birmingham, involving neutrophil – a white blood cell hungry for bacteria – found that grief in older people… 1,618 more words

Expert Advice – Another Wrinkle

Few dictates of modern medicine could be considered more sacrosanct than the prohibition of excess salt intake in our daily diets. For more then five decades every medical student has had the principle of dietary salt reduction drummed into his or her heads. 443 more words

Dr. Robert Nagourney

Toward A 100% Response Rate in Human Cancer

Oncologists confront numerous hurdles as they attempt to apply the new cancer prognostic and predictive tests. Among them are the complexities of gene arrays that introduce practicing physicians to an entirely new lexicon of terms like “splice variant, gene-rearrangement, amplification and SNP.” 641 more words

Dr. Robert Nagourney