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Outliving Hospice

For those of you who have read my book Outliving Cancer you will recognize the chapter entitled “Outliving Hospice.” It is the description of one of my lung cancer patients. 438 more words

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Chemo causes what???

During chemo appointments, I always catch up with owners to find out how things are going since the last time I saw their pet. Since > 75% of our patients won’t have anything happen to them after a treatment, I’m usually just checking in to confirm all is going well. 846 more words

Cancer In Pets

what to get a chemo/cancer patient

Since my diagnosis, I have been blessed with an overwhelming wave of love and support which have arrived in many different forms and mediums.  With both of our diagnoses and subsequent treatments, the first question everyone asks is “what can we do”?  646 more words

Breast Cancer

"What happens when we don't do anything?"

This is a natural question to ask when presented with an abundance of treatment options for a pet recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s easy to understand how, regardless of tumor type, in order to make the most informed decision about what is the correct choice for their companion, owners need to know the theoretical choices designed to help their pet live a longer life, and the alternative of what might happen if no further therapy is pursued. 670 more words

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Eating Dirty Socks

My calcium is extremely low. That may be why the tingly feelings and not neuropathy? That’s an easier fix. I guess I will find out once this calcium is done. 157 more words


resurfacing: tales of round 3

This is just a quick post upon “resurfacing” from Round 3.  We are almost at the halfway point of my 18 week chemo stint!!!!!!    I am halfway through the actual infusion/feeling yucky part and in two weeks will be officially halfway through the “number of weeks” part! 161 more words

Breast Cancer

Couldn’t get chemo today. Will try again next week.