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Why we will continue to be the worst parents ever....

I just read an article that said that the three biggest mistakes that parents make are being too overprotective, too over-indulgent, and too complimentary.  It’s considered “short term parenting” and does not equip our children to deal with the reality of the world.    1,368 more words


Wide Awake...

I’m on day 4.5 after chemo and it’s not so bad.

Except I dread nights. I’m still itchy from whatever allergic reaction I had, and even the softest blanket we have in the house makes me itch. 235 more words

Day To Day Life

Rough times

Cycle 3 Day 7
I’ve had a rough couple of days. I came home Friday and went to bed pretty quickly. Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed due to nausea. 57 more words


Short update

Cycle 3 Day 4
Slept again most of the time in infusion. Nauseated.
I met with one of my doctors. She’s referring me to a cardiologist. 21 more words


Better late than never...

Yesterday was Cycle 3 Day 1.
Everything went well. My midline was inserted and was a little sore.
Afterwards, Erin and I went out to dinner. 36 more words


First Day of Chemo

I spent all last week doing research on what this chemo session would feel like. Last night I was completely confident about going into my appointment today. 313 more words


Still living... not dying

Hospital appointments come and go, and life goes on. Last week I went to Bexley for my latest CT scan results. It showed several new tumours in the liver, and a thickening of the pleura (chest wall membrane) which suggests the cancer attempting to move in the direction of the lung. 355 more words

Living With Breast Cancer