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is it true that at one time...

is it true that at one time…

Cheney had his Dick in George’s Bush and, at the same time, had his Fist in Powell’s Colon… 26 more words


Naomi Wolf's End of America

Just watched most of this 2008 documentary, the End of America. Watching the documentary makes me want to order the book. Interesting movie in which we see Naomi Wolf in a lecture making a historical comparison between the USA under the Bush administration and dictatorships of the past, most notably the Nazi regime of Germany. 19 more words


Dick Cheney Video Compilation

MSNBC’s Hardball created a compilation of Dick Cheney talking points about Iraq from 2002 and 2003.

Secular Talk video.



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Dick Cheney and torture, new Mark Fiore video

This animation video from Mark Fiore in the USA says about itself:

Cheney’s Torture Anthem

15 December 2014

Even though Dick Cheney isn’t the only one responsible for…

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Human Rights

The Fine Line Between Reaction and Overreaction

The year 2014 has again brought front and center the true horror of terror.  We have seen hundreds of school girls in Nigeria kidnapped and still missing.   641 more words

CIA torture relevations are unsurprising, but should be prosecuted

Shortly after World War II, the well-known psychologist Carl Jung ascribed a collective guilt to Germans for the crimes of the Nazi Party, Kollektivschuld. Whether Germans realized it or not, the horrors carried out in their borders, by their leaders, and with their tacit blessing would come to bear on their national psyche. 1,158 more words