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Chenin blanc from South Africa

It was the label that caught my eye. And labels are, after all, supposed to be eye-catching so hats off to the people who designed The Liberator Francophile Chenin Blanc 2012 label. 160 more words


The Lords of Chenin - Chenin Blanc 6-packs now available!

Discover Chenin Blanc!

 When you ask anyone in the wine business to name the wines they get really excited about, you can put even money on a Chenin Blanc appearing on the list.  1,333 more words

Chenin Blanc, Mystery Grape

Regular readers will know that we like to highlight any and every aspect or by-way of the richness of the wine experience. So much depends on your starting point, but as… 108 more words


Some Well Kept Secrets

This is going to be a short review of the weekend wine reviews – more will follow later in the week. We try to keep them short and sweet in any case, but the main  reason is that there is one feed on… 106 more words


Tales From: Dry Creek Vineyard

Back in April, I spent two great days in the Dry Creek Valley, meeting several growers and wine makers, and visiting a handful of wineries. Up until this last stop, I had visited (with… 1,121 more words


"In the valley of the sleeping giant..."

What happens when you put five people who are passionate about wine around a table? The same as would happen if there were twenty: differing palates and opinions. 1,388 more words


The 3 Rs of Zinfandel

It was several years ago that a wine buyer for a market told me I could not go wrong with zinfandel if I stuck to the Three R’s: Ridge, Ravenswood and Rosenblum. 626 more words