Hong Kong Part 3: Bigger pictures

Here are the last lot of sketchbook pages for the moment- lots of big scenes and views and things. After two weeks of non-stop running around and partying and eating delicious food, my body seems to have come down with some sort flu, so the act of writing, seeing, thinking and breathing are now all way more trouble than they’re worth. 80 more words


Iain Stewart MP urges David Cameron to accelerate English votes for English laws plans

Prime Minister David Cameron is being urged to accelerate plans for English votes for English laws by city MP Iain Stewart.

Mr Stewart has called for a ‘double majority system’ which would see Scottish MPs able to contribute to debates and votes on English laws, but would also require “explicit English consent to be introduced”. 160 more words


19th October 2014: Wendover circular

Warm and windy autumn day for our Wendover walk, trees just on the turn, lovely views. When we reached the (ugly) Boer War monument on Combe Hill we decided to extend the walk by a couple of miles so that it would include a pub lunch stop. 83 more words