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Steph Survives - Year Abroad Part 1

It’s official: I have survived the first week of Year Abroad Part 1.

After several traumatic mishaps, e.g. finding out I was allergic to the dogs in the house I’m renting, saying “au revoir” to the supermarket cashier when I was definitely meant to say “bonjour” and crashing into a bin when driving the company car, I was happy to put money on the fact that this was going to be a long five months. 614 more words


Penknife from the "Café de l'hôtel de Ville de Cherbourg"

Seventy years ago between August 18 and September 15, 1944, Felix A. Cizewski, my late father, obtained a penknife (canif) from the Cherbourg… 526 more words

Felix A. Cizewski & WWII

Company C deploys to Cherbourg

Seventy years ago on August 18, 1944,Felix A. Cizewski, my late father, and Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion, were redeployed from Tamerville to Cherbourg. 414 more words

Second World War

70th Anniversary of the landing of the 45th Signal Company in France

On August 15, 1944, about 151,000 Allied troops began landings in Southern France.

Among them was the 45th Signal Company, 45th Infantry Division which landed near Ste. 146 more words

World War II