No greater love

As though reading into the hearts and minds of all those watching, feeling, grieving, disbelieving from afar, statements from some of the families who lost loved ones in the MH17 disaster have been issued… And in response to the questions I have voiced over and over since the tragedy – How does one move on from this? 233 more words

Because I'm A Mother...



I think this is a good quote.  

Another cold night is here with us in Dunedin, we have the warm, cosy wood fire roaring in the lounge.   171 more words

Family Stuff

The Bridge

I’ve done a lot of study over the years about Catholicism and some soul searching. One of the key principles that I have grown to love is the idea that Jesus came as a bridge to breach the gap between God and man that occurred when original sin corrupted the world. 951 more words


So high...!! itzz a busy-ness :/

Life always looks for betterment as you see. Every person needs something better in every aspect of his life. He is not satisfied with what he have. 217 more words

Feel Inn ; High Onn!

Special View

You were always the life inside our family,

our strong, prosperous heartbeat.

You always defied all odds,

kept pushing when weak, kept striving when tired. 141 more words


Revolution of hearts tied

You don’t ever have to feel guilty about removing toxic people out of your life. It doesn’t matter whether they are a romantic interest, employer, childhood friend or a new acquaintance. 289 more words


The bright side

Life. Everyone is living it.

We learn how to live our life by watching.
Our parents or caregivers of our youth form our first impressions. 193 more words