I think one of the greatest tests of friendships convenience. 

Those who continue to contact you once it is no longer convenient, those who aren’t “forced” to see you at high school, university or work, those who make the effort to see you after convenience is taken away, those are the people who truly cherish your presence. 

My 5 Insecurities

I’m a girl. I have insecurities like the rest of us. I might rant about how the media influences girls to believing lies about their appearance, but on the inside I am swayed by their words and pictures, too. 815 more words

Everything Lovely Blog

So Happy!

No words can express how happy I am right now :)

Yesterday ammends were made with my close friend and I and we are now talking like normal once more. 33 more words

Moment For Life...

Every moment is cherished with me… as it should be with anyone. Im one of those people that it in to consideration that tomorrow isn’t promised, the next hour isn’t even promised and that is something serious to me. 452 more words

A Girls World

Cherish and Embrace

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and perspective.
None processes alike, none thinks alike, and none feels alike,
but what keeps friendships from dying? 

As said by the last of the five good Roman emperors, Marcus Aurelius, 100 more words




Dear My Ending,

One day I’m going to meet you. I’ve accepted the fact that as much as I want to be immortal, I will one day pass on. 171 more words