Hello Darlings

Hello My Darlings

Just wanted to pop-in and say hello and talk about life and how everything happens for a reason.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful people. 72 more words


Do you ever...

Do you ever just admire someone’s presence? As if you’re SO lucky to be there with that person… example: instead of watching tv together, you watch that person watch tv to see their reactions to what’s on the screen. 196 more words

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One moment is never a duplicate

Every moment we live is never a duplicate, each second we breathe is different to the last and so it is with the greatest importance we live and breathe exactly how we want. 463 more words

Redefining Family

After a restful week at the beach, I can think of quite a few topics for this week’s very late blog. Yet the one that keeps coming to mind is… 463 more words

My Best Times Were Spent With You

To the one who has my heart,  

These words will probably never trend the Internet or greet you as you come home. These words will probably never be featured in a magazine or quoted on a show.  291 more words


A Letter to Myself - "Cherish Who You Are"

Dear Leah,

How are you? No, really. How are you? Last year at this time, you were about to turn 47 and feeling on top of the world. 845 more words

My Cancer Journey