Three We Cherish (2014)

1. Pleasant memories.

2. Our children.

3. Those pets.


For a start-

So close to the heart.


Love and Cherish

While I enjoy writing and appreciate transparency, I have hang ups extremely difficult for me to admit to myself, let alone sharing it online.
Yet, with everything else I share, I believe we all learn from human experiences and so I hope this can be a help to someone with a similar story. 571 more words

Whirlwind Romance

Due to work, I had to go to Merryhill to work in the new store, was meant to be doing just one shop, ended up doing both which I was very happy with although such a alot of work in such a small amount of time. 377 more words

A Profound Message

It grows when you explore it within and around you. You just have to cherish, nourish and let it flourish. And, it’s called as Happiness!!


[Movie] Divergent

So half an hour after the movie, I’m still absolutely completely overwhelmed by the ultimate fantasy that this movie created for me…

A man who is the best at everything.  200 more words

Oh-Love <3

H to O

They became lovers
Within moments of first introduction
Never parted a single day.

She felt safe
With him
Never lonely
Or Misplaced.

He warmed her… 101 more words


The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

I know this is gonna be a bit random , I really wanna express my feels towards this movie. Maybe it’s quite late for me to do this since I just watched this the other day and it had been released like 6 years ago, I feel so outdated lol Anyways , I think this one is a great film,I totally love the story and how the director film it . 149 more words