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Cherry Blossom Festivals (English): Washington D.C.'s Sakura Festival Part 1

Last weekend was Washington D.C.’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival. 

I heard that it was a lot of fun, and it really was. 

This week’s weather has been really bad and really cold.   163 more words

Snow White Hanami - Shrek Snow White

I have so many posting options this weekend, I haven’t been sure where to begin. For starters, its Easter, and although I haven’t got anything prepared for this eventuality particularly, I do have several generic spring-themed dolls I need to write about. 954 more words


Gingerbread Cupcakes

I remember last year that it seemed to take forever for spring to come. The winter was cold, bleak, sad, horrible and very, very long. This year hasn’t felt anywhere near as drawn out, but just looking through a couple of photos has really brought the difference between the two years home to me. 570 more words


Hommage to "Poodle" trees

Every March-April, I am charmed but what is like a symphony of blooms from our prolific ornamental cherries, starting with  delicate few-petaled white plums to building to a crescendo with these “Poodle” blooms.

Cherry Blossom

Night sakura concert: 紅しだれコンサート Heian Shrine (平安神宮), Kyoto

Heian Shrine (Heian Jingu 平安神宮) is a Shinto shrine and it is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Kyoto. Every year, Heian Shrine hosts a night sakura (yozakura 夜桜) classical music concert known as the ‘Benishidare Concert 紅しだれコンサート’ when its cherry trees are at their best. 944 more words