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Weekend Eats: Watermelon & French Breakfast Radishes

I think my radish harvest from this week is the prettiest batch of veggies I’ve grown all year. The french breakfast radishes actually look like they’re supposed to and amazingly were not eaten by bugs. 214 more words


Windowsill kitchen garden and tomato re-potting

A rainy day is a great opportunity to visit the garden center to gather some new supplies for my indoor gardening activities.

Observing the rain hitting the windshield is a great experience. 184 more words

Weekend Eats: Veggie Curry and Baby Green Salad

My husband decided to make a pot of curry on Sunday so we could have leftovers during the week when we are too tired to cook. 386 more words


Friday Night is Real Meal Time

Actually, fancy food making is a rare occasion now, but when it does happen, it is kinda really great. Basically every time I eat a real meal is really great. 547 more words


It’s time to transition the garden again as some of my plants are slowly letting go and others are eager to grow. With the sharp fluctuations in temperature and a coordinated attack between caterpillars and aphids, my chinese broccoli and mesclun reached the end of their useful life. 220 more words


Healthy Maggi Noodles with Vegetables 2

Healthy Maggi Noodles with Vegetables 2

  • Servings: 1
  • Time: 40mins
  • Difficulty: easy
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I don’t usually stock Maggi noodles but have “accidentally” landed up with a large pack so decided to have them for dinner last night. 329 more words

One Pot Meals

Dazed Days

Following my post on my mind being on summer, I am now realizing that I have reached the point in the school year where I have had it with school and I just need a break. 369 more words