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Poem: Every Day You Play - Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) was a titan of Latin American poetry.  He commands great influence not only among the Spanish speaking countries but throughout the world of poetry. 382 more words


2/08 My first accident

I’m ok. Don’t worry. My trip is going on. Today I had accident but without the bike. I found on the way to Olomouc a tree full of cherries aside the road and I decided to climb it. 117 more words


Content of being content

There’s a fountain in our garden, the drops form a triad of continuous music, one drop that hits the water, one that hits the grass and one that hits the paving stones keep playing together. 95 more words

Life Strategy

Under The Cherry Tree.

The sun is shining. The cat is curled asleep on the flowery cushion besides me. The blackbird above is scolding, and there isn’t a single wisp of cloud above me.  14 more words



The best place for a siesta on a hot summer afternoon is under the Cherry tree at the back of the house.

Life In China

20th day... And So It Goes!

It is now the 20th day and someone asked me, “how do you feel? Like REALLY, how do you really feel?”  I feel great!  I am loving it and I’m glad I took on the challenge.  254 more words

I'm a Jammer – it’s what you do with 35lbs of cherries!

During the last part of June our cherry tree produced over 35lbs of cherries. We and I mean the royal ‘We’ the six humans (2 kids, 2 adults, 2 sitters) and the dog could not eat that many cherries. 777 more words

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