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A Fear of Gravity

It has often been remarked that most people are only one or two steps away from insanity—and the rest of them are already there. The Cheshire Cat famously stated, “We’re all mad here,” and I don’t think he was just talking about the residents of Wonderland. 894 more words

Personal Reflections

A Warning to the West from an ex Muslim.

This was emailed to me from an apostate friend of mine. The West would do well to listen.


A Message From A Former Muslim

To the infidels of the West:

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Life in the Zoo

Ah, the gentle days of August idly rolling by like surf on a neap tide. Life is sweet and the scent of gardenia and roses even sweeter. 251 more words


Willy Nilly

I’ve heard it said that God laughs when we regular, living, breathing humans make plans.

I’m a planner, from the cradle. I come by it genetically. 91 more words

Divorce And Second Chances

Cheshire dreams

Hello darlings~

Have you ever kept a dream journal? Or had dreams to sanction keeping one? I know we all dream, and we all have colourful ones on occasion but last night I experienced a marvel. 758 more words

My Journal