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Sonnets From Hush To Hush VI (ROUGH FIRST DRAFT)

Every line of my sixth sonnet in this series is much less cryptic than my previous few installments, as I hinted would follow suit in the one previously written… and each line I decided to ley is 11 syllables exactly in length. 2,252 more words

Mime's 9 Lives & Mob Mentalities (Pretend Existential Crisis Kanshi)

My little crisis mindsets’
mine out of habits of mimes’
half art and half-heartedness —
Minds on the fringes miss lives
on the borderline’s darkness… 94 more words

Roker Park illuminations - 12th October 2014

This evening we went to see the Roker park illuminations.  They’re Alice in Wonderland themed and although we went to see them last year we thought they were so good we headed back to see them again. 25 more words

365 Challenge

I read banned books

My friend Laura and I both like to snip up paper and a few months ago I proposed an exchange.  We’d each do a project for the other.   419 more words

Wonderland Concept Art

These are some old pictures I did during animation school.  Don’t ask, I don’t know what the concept is.


ἀγάπη, Ἐλισάβετ (Tanka)

It’s esoteric
elusive, mysterious
and maybe nonsense

written in ancient Greek ink
I can’t read, disappearing

seen invisibly
I think at least, but maybe
I’m imagining… 681 more words

Catch Up

This time of year is always busy for me, but this year was hectic even by my standards.

With Halloween, my 21st birthday, three papers, a presentation and final exam all within two weeks I have been pretty run off my feet. 317 more words