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An update on hops and other things...

We have been so busy with the kids out of school and summer being around us that we have not had time to post. I wanted to share a little bit about some of the things we have been doing. 547 more words


Rampent Jew Hatred in Down Town Miami Fl

So this was Hamas Muslim Brotherhood hateful savages in a pro Palestine rally in which they assaulted the camera man.


A peaceful pro Israel rally on Miami Beach the same day note the difference in numbers between the two.

Easy choice

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Enchanted Alice

Another place I found in the Second Life Destination guide.

Enchanted Alice is a brightly-colored, whimsical place; a fun place to visit with friends.

Second Life


As smoke and dust and wailing seems to rise physically from the newspaper stand, spreading that empty feeling of sorrow and impotence, it would surely be a human and understandable reaction to look for some lightness, a flutter of a hint of hope at the bottom of the jar, a reason to be cheerful, a way to remember to feel glad to be alive. 517 more words


Bitte einmal grinsen :D

Heute geht es wohl um die fröhlichste Katze allerzeiten.^^ wieso ich meine, dass sie das ist? Naja, aus welchen Grund sollte man sonst ständig grinsen. Auf dem linken Bild seht ihr die neue animierte Version der Grinsekatze aus Alice im Wunderland, welcher im Jahr 2010 erschien. 424 more words



While my sister was in town, we made my annual trip to Disneyland and took our niece (see the past two years here and here… 101 more words