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King me! (fictional story)

Brent and Jake were sitting in the background, playing chess.

Jake was getting annoyed with Brent, who was taking forever playing the game.

“Brent, why do you have to wait so long making your move?   154 more words

The longest tournament chess game ever played

My previous chess post on this blog featured the brilliant 19th century US player Paul Murphy winning a sparkling miniature against two opponents at Paris in 1858. 497 more words


Test your chess: daily chess puzzle # 48

Black to play and win

CC de Villiers v W Kobese 1998


By inspection, or by examine all biffs, 1…R8h4! is natural, and in fact white then resigned. 36 more words


An interesting line from Gelfand-Jobava

Playing through this game from the Tashkent Grand Prix last night on Playchess, I was intrigued about what would have happened if white had played the (to me, natural) Qf5: 420 more words


Chess & Feminism

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the gender divide in chess. I think in the U.S. only about 3% of players are female, and worldwide there are very few female players who can compete at the highest level of competition. 397 more words


Jobava leads in Tashkent

GM Baadur Jobava leads the second leg of the current FIDE grand prix series in Tashkent. He is on a score of 5 points from 8, the same as both Andreikin and Nakamura but leads by virtue of having more wins (more losses too!) than either of the other two. 62 more words


Friday Fictioneers: No Change

One would argue that change is a good thing;

Charlie and Ole’ Tom would disagree. They liked things to remain the same.

Their game was Chess. 86 more words