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Wellness Wednesday: Q&A: Natural Remedies For Chest Congestion?

Q: Is there a natural remedy for chest congestion? – D.W.

A: Some natural remedies for chest congestion include:

  • Inhaling steam – Boil a large bowl of water, pour it in a basin and then cover your head and inhale the steam.
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Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

In some cases, an inflammation of the cartilage surrounding the ribs ( called costochondritis ) causes severe chest congestion and pain while breathing.

Chest congestion is common in any condition that causes coughing. 24 more words

A Quick Fix for Chest Congestion!

I’m sharing my infamous “go-to remedy” when I have a cold with you.  It’s this amazing Eucalyptus Steam bath! 

Eucalyptus Steam Bath:

  1. Boil a Pot of Water…
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