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Shoulders/Chest/Booty - 4/23

  • seated dumbbell shoulder press (3×12) superset incline push ups (3×12)
  • dumbbell side lateral raises (3×12)
  • reverse pec deck flyes (3×12) superset chest press machine (3×12)
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Exercise of the week: Dumbbell floor press

A lot of the time people view pain as a necessary evil when exercising, instead of heeding the warning our body is giving us.  Now this can give us that instant gratification of pushing heavy weight, or looking cool in front of the other people working out around you, but it’s definitely not worth it. 988 more words


chest day + protein cookies

I didn’t sleep well last night so I woke up this morning with no desire to go to the gym. So, I decided to plan out my workout while I ate breakfast and had my coffee, because I knew that I would make myself stay at the gym longer and work harder than I likely would have if I just made it up as I went along. 443 more words


WOD - April 23

Today was a rough day. I was feeling exhausted and in a funk and really didn’t want to work it today. So I had two choices, suck it up, drag my ass to the gym and get some sweat therapy or sit on the couch, I knew which choice I’d be able to live with later so I picked option A. 95 more words

Minecraft Chest Storage Block

Minecraft Overworld Storage Cube. Ages 6+. Do no exceed weight limit of 154 pounds.

Day Two

Today’s request came from Nick DiPietra! He wanted a Batman tramp stamp, but since Miley’s lower back is facing away from the camera, I put it between her knockers. 9 more words


Late Night Thoughts on the Wearing of Fitted T-shirts

Exceptional fatigue can make me feel fat. When I haven’t eaten for a whole day I may actually feel fine, because I know I’ve burnt some of that. 440 more words