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Chew your own brooch.

Ted Noten is one of the most influential Dutch jewellery designers working in the Netherlands today. He is known for his solid acrylic handbags, necklaces and brooch. 218 more words


CinnaBurst Gum

CinnaBurst gum (Cadbury, 90s)

This gum was unique in that it had flavor crystals in it. Not much info still exists about CinnaBurst, but there is much debate about the wrappers the gum came in: whether consumers ate them and whether the wrappers enhanced the flavor of the gum. 40 more words


New Lotte chewing gum promotion features cool guys to suit every taste

Lotte’s new advertising campaign for its range of gum products takes inspiration from ikemen “cool guys” often featured in anime and otome dating sim games. The company has released their new “Gum Boyfriend” advert debuting five guys, each with their own different personalities and quirks corresponding to one of Lotte’s brands of refreshing gum. 182 more words


Why A Stick Of Chewing Gum Is More Harmful To Your Health Than Anything That You Eat

People do not typically ingest gum, so they pay very little attention to its ingredients. The assumption is that if the gum is not swallowed, then the ingredients should not be a concern. 50 more words


Discussion: Obama Chews Gum in China, Offends Some Locals

According to ABC 6, President Barack Obama is trending online as a hot topic while staying in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum.

The live China television coverage of the APEC event showed Obama emerging from his car, noticeably chewing gum. 120 more words


On the wonders of chewing gum

I don’t remember coming across chewing gum as a little kid. By about year 4 I’d discovered bubble gum, but wasn’t ever very good at blowing bubbles (glass is much better than bubblegum in that respect, even if it doesn’t taste as good ;)). 399 more words

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