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Gotta Love 'Em

Gotta love the classic beauty, drama, and charm of a true starlet.


Permen Cinta

Obat Perangsang Wanita Permen Karet PERANGSANG adalah obat perangsang No.1 di Dunia, reaksi 10 menit dan di jamin si cewek akan minta lagi dan minta lagi. 294 more words

Obat Perangsang


Chewing gum, Ray’s dog.

The Beauty of Flexibility - Sticking Together for Better Construction Codes

After accurate testing and after evaluating the environmental benefits, Gyrelandia’s leadership is about to approve a regulation that will allow public buildings to be made of used chewing gum. 136 more words

Want To Improve Your Teeth? Here's A Few Handy Hints

Taking good care of your smile is not always easy. Teeth can yellow, get stained, or decay as time passes. They can begin hurting if proper care is not taken. 32 more words

Review: The Thieves

I understand the comparisons to the Ocean’s 11/12/13 movies. This is after all a heist flick. The title frankly says so. The Thieves, too, rocking an all-star cast, were robbing a casino through an intricate web of a plan that sometimes felt so effortless it must have been random. 455 more words

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