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Швейцарьчууд алтны нөөцөө нэмэгдүүлэх үү?

Тус улсын төв банк 11-р сарын 30 өдөр санал асуулга явуулж алтны нөөцөө нийт гадаад валютын нөөцийн 20% хүргэх эсэх талаар санал асуулга явуулахаар бэлдэж байна. Хэрэв нөөцөө нэмэгдүүлэхийг дэмжвэл зах зээлд франкын ханш сулрах бололтой. Энэ нь алт худалдан авахаар 80 тэрбум франкыг зах зээлд шахсанаас үүсэх хөдөлгөөн байх юм. Төв банкны удирдах албаны хүмүүсийн мэдэгдэж байгаар бол тэд еврогийн эсрэг шалыг 1.2000 цэг дээр хамгаална гэж байгаа билээ.


Children's Hunger Fund field trip

Recently my baby girl and I participated in a field trip.  This field trip was more than your average learning experience.  This was our first venture into volunteering or more appropriately caled, … 299 more words

"Old Dogs Rule!"

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) recently ran the educational podcast series “Old Dogs Rule,” a two month celebration of our great old dogs packed with information about how to keep them going strong for years to come. 143 more words

Akc Canine Health Foundation

WWWTP #21... Answer

This is an interesting X-ray of a newborn with respiratory distress:

The upper Chest X-ray has an endotracheal tube near the carina (probably should be pulled back a bit).   182 more words


Chronic Heart Failure

I was scheduled to give a tutorial to our clinic’s registrars recently and was requested to talk about chronic heart failure. Uh-oh… didn’t they realise that internal medicine is NOT my forte?? 2,219 more words

Internal Medicine


A Year Already …… Can’t Be ….. World Series? Time Change? Halloween? ….. Nope a Transeophageal Echo this morning ….. Fun Fun Fun! 

Heart Disease is the leading killer of both men and woman between the ages of 40 and 65 and if caught early can be treated. 217 more words


Isn't That Fascinating: Right and Left-Sided Heart Failure

On the verge of having my knowledge thoroughly tested by real-world application this coming week, I thought it’d be a good idea to begin what I hope to be a series of posts discussing various pathophysiologies. 1,334 more words