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#mktupdate 17-Sep-14 session

My CADCHF trade closed during the session as a result of my take profit level being reached, it was closed for +98 pips.

My… 117 more words


#mktupdate 16-Sep-14 session

My algorithm opened one order during the session, which was:

Buy USDJPY at 107.253. This trade was also closed during the session after my stop loss was reached and resulted in a loss of… 93 more words


#mktupdate 15-Sep-14 session

My algorithm opened four orders during the session, these orders were:

Sell EURAUD at 1.43457

Sell EURCAD at 1.43224

Buy CADCHF at 0.845221

Sell EURUSD… 95 more words


Швейцарийн төв банк интервенц хийж магадгүй

Швейцарийн төв банкнаас хийсэн мэдэгдэлд “хэрэв шаардлагатай бол бид арга хэмжээ авна. Үүнийг хийхээс бид хэзээ ч ичиж байгаагүй” гэжээ. Улмаар уг авах арга хэмжээ нь хасах хүү ч байж болох талаар ярьж эхэлснээр франк сулрах шинж тэмдэг ажиглагдлаа.


Whats up Schweizerische Nationalbank?

Once again, SNB resorted to verbal intervention to try steer the CHF lower. SNB spokesman mentioned SNB will take extra measures if required, to weaken the Franc, including negative interest rates. 138 more words

Chicago Humanities Festival

2014 CHF Fall Festival   Journeys  October 25-November 9

Course requirement is to attend one Chicago Humanities Festival event, but you may find it difficult to limit to just one!   18 more words


Weekly thoughts: 31/08/2014

EURUSD closed the week at the lows of 1.3130. The other EUR crosses also closed at the lows/near-lows. This is despite month-end flows which are EUR bullish. 578 more words