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Kitchen Fitness: Get off the Fat Train

Since returning from Memphis a few weeks ago (what a fun trip that was!), I’ve struggled with disembarking the Fat Train. I’m usually a healthy eater, but with a busy work and life schedule lately, it’s been hard to get back into my healthy eating groove. 775 more words

Healthy Recipe

Why is everyone raving about chia seed?

Getting out of my three day juice fast today was a bit weird… my body wasn’t all that eager yet for solid foods (yes I’m surprised!) and the only things I felt I wanted, was water. 610 more words


Pomegranate & peach chia pudding

I’ve loved Pomegranates ever since I went to India many years ago, the street sellers have hundreds of them piled high on wooden carts their seeds glistening like jewels.   179 more words


Chia Seed Pudding

So recently, a co-worker turned me onto Chia Seeds and Chia Seed Pudding. Chia Seeds are an ancient crop that was harvested by the Mayans, and continues to be a popular crop in Mexico. 266 more words


HEALTHY BEATS: Raspberry chia seed pudding in a jar

Something that I’m becoming increasingly fond of is making my own dairy-free chia seed puddings. The next best thing is getting to eat them in jars. 46 more words


Chia Seed Pudding Recipe


Have you heard? Chia seed is the it thing right now. Everyone is talking about this healthy, and full of nutrients seed.

What Is Chia? 161 more words