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A movable greenhouse

The cold night fog that envelops the Mae Mut valley during the winter does not suit the apparently delicate tomatoes we are attempting to grow, last year we made a plastic roof, which can be seen in the background of the first picture, out of materials we had laying around, this year we are trying to go one better to help the tomato plants in the winter and have a sheltered area in the rainy season where we can grow stuff that does not like constant rain. 213 more words

Growing Food In The Tropics

There is a place. A Poem.

There is a place serene at the center of all

Radiant of peacefulness it welcomes and cradles

When the storm rages on and feelings wildly roam… 22 more words


Thai Massage FAQ

By David

How much should I pay?

In Chiang Mai, our rule is to never pay more than 150 baht ($5) for a 1-hour Thai massage. 692 more words


Elephants & Ethics

Ages ago I remember learning about how elephants are domesticated in Asia and that the process was pretty brutal involving spikes and a crate to keep the elephant locked up. 1,139 more words


The Rice Harvest: Leeches, rashes and (dammit) more ants

The fauna of Thailand are large and bad tempered. Giant ants will hitch a ride on your sandals and sting you even when they are not in any danger of being crushed; the spiders are covered in devil symbols and can grow to the size of your face; and bees build their giant drop-like nests right by the passionfruit you had otherwise wanted to pick. 467 more words


Rest in Thailand...never quite happened

From Indonesia, we flew to Bangkok. Sadly, Lithuanians are one of the few nationalities that now require visa for Thailand, and only get 15 days on arrival costing  £20! 1,239 more words