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Pumpkin vine?

July 29th 2014 – In the middle of this rather population-dense suburban area, you can suddenly come across these mini-farm-like vegetable gardens. Here is what looks like a veeeeery long pumpkin vine.

More yukata

July 28th 2014 – Here’s a whole row of mannequins (and a bonus shopper) modelling some of the yukatas for sale.

Lanterns at a summer festival

July 27th 2014 – The local neighbourhoods had their summer festivals this weekend, and we briefly visited one of them this evening.

Hovering penguins

July 25th 2014 – I’m not entirely sure why but Suica, Japan Railway’s mascot, is watching over your purchases?!

Leafy Japanese Maple

July 24th 2014 – These are providing some welcome shade along the paths currently and come autumn, they will be even lovelier than now.


July 23rd 2014 – Japan is pretty bug-ridden In the summer. Hell, the insect catching practices of kids were the inspiration behind “Pokemon”. This mantis was hanging around outside my apartment.

Japan Photo: Hana Nobe No Sato

Today Jayne’s uncle took us to Hana Nobe No Sato near Katsuura, Chiba. While we used it as a beautiful place to view Japan’s summer flowers, it apparently is also a camp site with an outdoor onsen that people can camp at year round. 91 more words