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I don't understand women.

First and foremost, I am a lady :D, so me not understanding women is just mind boggling since i am one of them. You know I always laughed at guys when they said we were complicated, not making any sense, completely unhinged beings, but now i can sympathize with them. 144 more words


Movie Life

Don’t you ever wish your life was a movie? I sure do. I’m not gonna lie, I have a pretty loserish life; I went to an all girls school for the majority of my life which means that I don’t have many guy friends, there’s almost never any parties and I most certainly don’t have a ridiculously attractive boyfriend (wow I’m making myself look like barrels of fun right?). 291 more words

Wedding can be murder

I have just finished the book I was reading called “Wedding Can Be Murder” it a great book if you like chick flicks, it’s full of laughter and passion! 35 more words

Things we're not talking about

One of the most normal questions to ask someone whom you’re getting to know is, what’s their favorite movies. I love throwing out a strange diversity and which people to struggle to relate to one of them. 626 more words


A Bowl of Ice Cream and Thoughts

So, I was eating my bowl of minty moose track ice cream and I thought I might as well put down some food for thought as the saying goes… 834 more words

The Other Woman (2014) Is Not the Rom-Com I Had Hoped For

I’m a lover of chick flicks and rom-coms, and it started out that way. But as the story unfolds, it was getting harder and harder to like it. 438 more words

Chick Flick

Insecurity of a Girl (short story 1)

“I can’t tell if you’re flirting . . .”Skyler said. Him and Sharey had been getting along quite well recently. That is, they’ve been talking to each other for over five months. 1,163 more words