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Fetch. Grool. Plastic.

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Mean Girls – I could watch this movie over and over because honestly “the limit does not exist”. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the greatest chick flick of… 1,013 more words


The Bitches: All-female groups in film

*This article a brother: The Bruisers.

I had high hopes for Bridesmaids. I did find it funny, but as the story progressed I started to recognise all the old devices of the typical chick-flick / light film three act structure: protagonist starts life and has problems they haven’t acknowledged yet; protagonist’s problems come to a head and they lose everything they thought was important; protagonist realises certain things weren’t so very important compared to Other Things Like Friendship, and that they only have themselves to blame for the whole mess, whereupon they get their shit together and sorts things out, usually following a piece of sage advice from a friend. 2,636 more words


You'll Know Me By My Polkadots

3 Bowls of Popcorn (and chocolate soufflé)

“We’re having an off day and I’m sure we will have a few hundred more if we stay together and that’s OK.” – Johnny…

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3 Bowls

Cracker Barrel 'Bring a Friend' gon be over!

3 Bowls of Popcorn (and some collared greens)

Can I just say that Kevin Bacon in Beauty Shop takes the cake. He is ridiculous and it’s delightful. 301 more words

3 Bowls

A Walk to Remember a.k.a. the most adorable movie ever.

So… this past week has been crazy intense with my work schedule and sleep schedule coupled with trying to hangout with people and maintain my sanity! 388 more words

Delightful Things

You didn't cry at that?!

I am a big soppy sap. Everyone who knows me is aware of this. I have been laughed at for crying when Simba’s dad dies (who the heck doesn’t!!!!!) I will never be able to make my way through My Girl and I haven’t watched Titanic since I was 14 after a particular scary emotional breakdown. 323 more words

Walk of Shame

A woman in a yellow dress with a terrible hangover running around like a headless chicken with no phone, keys or money may sound like an entertaining ninety-five minutes to you, but please think twice before you commit. 463 more words