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‘I Heart New York’ – Lindsey Kelk

Get ready to meet Angela Clark as she flees the world’s worst wedding for a new life…

It’s official. 417 more words


Yoga is sort of like dating...

My First Time Doing Yoga: (non-fiction)

I turned on a beginner’s yoga video on youtube, set the laptop on my bed, and sat on my wood floors.   702 more words

Best Chick Flicks To Watch With Your Pals ( Oh And They'll Make You Cry)

So, last night I was talking to my friend Nick….

I get a text that reads…

N: I am watching this movie and it’s making me want to cry…this poor girl…I’ve never seen this chick flick before. 221 more words


Don Jon

So this movie flew in a little under the radar, especially considering the big names in it, but maybe not so surprising considering the R-rated content. 1,426 more words


I Do Hope It Won’t Affect Your Ego

3 Bowls of Popcorn (with pink champagne)Josh didn’t know we owned An Affair to Remember, so when I popped this baby in the DVD player and the prelude music began to play, let’s just say he was less than thrilled. 417 more words

3 Bowls

My business is to create

I will not reason and compare.

This is another one of my fave go to, quick fixes for when I am feeling a little bit down and out and needing a little boost of motivation! 102 more words


Film #120: Easy A (2010)

director: Will Gluck
language: English
length: 92 minutes
watched on: 7 June 2014

I think, as with the other chick flicks I’ve watched in the past few months, I was led into this by constantly seeing images of it online, and wanting to find out more. 351 more words