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Let’s face it boys, at one point or another you’ve been either forced to or willingly chosen to watch a “Chick Flick”. Silently we all have our guilty pleasure films, but they don’t always break into that female cliche, which is where we enter our “Pup Pics”

Guilty Pleasures

Universally loved chick-flicks

I loooooove movies. But chick-flicks? Not so much. Mostly, I prefer movies with lots of explosions, or at least a potential apocalypse on the horizon. If it’s a political drama or superheros running around in spangly outfits, I’ll love it either way. 336 more words

Movie Review: Made of Honor

Title: Made of Honor

Director: Paul Weiland

Stand Alone

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Genre: romance, comedy, chick-flick

Running Time: 1 hour, 41 minutes… 388 more words

Movie Reviews

Woman Crush Everyday

We all have a few celebrities we like (or love) just a little too much. Us ladies have the men we crush on, but there’s also a special place in our hearts for our women crushes. 250 more words


Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day(ish?)

At first I thought this film didn’t take place in an entire day because it started in the morning and ending in the next morning, where a day would start in the morning and end that night. 242 more words


On moving on...

OK, so this post is probably going to come across as quite personal again. But I have an excuse; I thought the following few months would be full of blog posts about my job hunt, rejections, interviews and how to stay resilient in the face of it all. 974 more words

Cutesy and feel-good movie

I just watched the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black last week. I must say that it is a romantic comedy that would really get you hooked til the end of the film. 415 more words

Cameron Diaz