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Charley The Cougar

I like Critters

And Varmints

And Ants

And Spiders

And Crud Eaters

And Dogs

And Cats, especially Big Cats

The Summer of ’77 (sounds like a movie title) 1,320 more words


I’m a chick magnet with amnesia

Thank God for the internet. To be more precise, thank God for email. I say this because were it not for email I wouldn’t have found out how many women miss me. 568 more words


Yes I wood!

Benevolent envy of wood boats

Some things never change. Back in the day “us boys” would drool over magazine ads featuring Chris Craft wood boats. The pristine wood and attention to detail, plus the fact that they were chick magnets put them close to, if not the top link, of the “dang I wish I had one of th0se” food chain. 207 more words

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