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Just hatched

New life in my hands

Newly hatched chicks are not fluffy like the ones we see in the media. Just like other newborns they are damp and weak after their long, tiring entrance to the world.


Adorable Chicks

I stumbled across this adorable purple swamphen chick. His mother deserted him at my approach and he was terrified of me and my camera. He hopped from lily to lily and tried to hide by the edge of the pond. 26 more words


Grace Under Fire...

Ironically, most people have forgotten that elegance is best manifested through sheer simplicity and unfortunately, more and more people forget their demeanor when baffled even with life’s no-nonsense atrocities.

Just About Anything...

Zenku Untitled (for Canada)

Storm-thrown chick

His mother calling

her hope-filled grief


Shout Out!

Hi Everybody! I’ve been pretty much unavailable since I got here to the rig this trip. I’ve been busy on watch (working days this time), and when I get off the internet is just tooooo slooooowwww to deal with for more than a few minutes. 48 more words


Contact from the Outer World

Watching a big male emu and his chicks walk straight toward you as you crouch on the sidewalk at the edge of suburbia is like being visited by aliens. 466 more words


The Death of Chicken Moreno

The first pets that I ever had were hamsters. After pestering our parents enough, we went to the store and bought two furry little rodents and decided to name them Chip and Dale, based off the popular cartoon depicting the adventures of two crime-solving chipmunks, or rescue rangers, if you will. 900 more words