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The Chicks Are Three Weeks Old Now

Suki is still wimpy as ever about the chickens, although I think she’s starting to get used to the weird velociraptor-things running around. I’ve started calling her my Urban Shepherd, because she was completely unprepared for farm-life (I mean it as an affectionate jab, of course). 596 more words

Sunday snap: ostrich

These are the baby chicks that were born nearly exactly a year ago, at the farm I used to work at.
I think the ostrich chicks were my favourite babies, there were also emu and rhea chicks that were hatched. 61 more words


Y the egg came before the chicken

So ‘weird bird-chicken A’¬†laid an egg, fertilized by ‘weird bird-rooster B’ fertilized, creating a mutation that accidently made the baby different from its parents. 19 more words

Science & Environment


It turned out that we did have an egg eater amongst the flock, and having identified Florentine as the culprit we had no choice but to select her for execution.  1,397 more words


War Of The Roses: Alright, Alright, Alright

Douglas is concerned that his girlfriend Valerie is getting distant. Will we find a chick in man’s clothing?

Have a heartbreaking cheater story to share? Let Karson & Kennedy know on… 83 more words