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Vine starlet to watch - @Snow Bunni

This chick has been putting up some great Vines lately. Apparently she used to make Vines with a friend, but she stole all the attention so her friend left her with the channel. 8 more words


Ashleey Kay's 11 minutes of thickness!

The thicker the better, and Ashleey Kay is one of the thickest starlets to be found on Social Media. Watch her work it in this 11 minute twerking compilation !


Wang Linshi and wife, Xiong Deming


Wang Linshi, 69, worked for the Chinese government in the eastern city of Nanjing until he retired, but his passion was painting, in particular chickens and roosters. 311 more words

Napping Buddies

Too cute to pass up. Public domain.

A Sweet confess (PART 3)

A sweet confess
Author: chick
Main cast: Bae Suzy, Kim myungsoo
Other cast: ( cast sewaktu-waktu bertambah)

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

Letter To The 13 Year Old Chick A.

Dear 13 year old Chick A,

Hi. This is your 38 year old self. How are you? Yeah, I know. I don’t really need to ask…since I’m talking to myself. 626 more words

The Christmas List: an update

It’s been too hot to crochet it seems.  As well as work, travel, and the normal summer activities (bbqs, races, the coast,  and the animals), I have yet to accomplish anything on the actual list.   24 more words

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