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Further Adventures in Transportation

This post is a short chapter near the beginning in a long non-fiction bestseller that recounts my follies and foibles in traveling through Belize. Rachel and I, on our trips to and from site, have sunbathed in the back of a pick-up truck, accepted rides from attractive Mennonite men with watermelons, and traveled with the likes of many drunk men, one drunk woman, and a member of a government agency that will remain nameless, who offered, in exchange for my non-provided cell phone number, “a ride to the quarry to drink rum.” 753 more words

Obligatory Peace Corps Blog

Hello Granada and Laguana de Apopo, gracias for your hospitality!

A country with a population of 6 million Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, but apparently one of the least visited. Known as being the second poorest country in Central America (Honduras is reported to be both the poorest….and the most crime ridden, but don’t believe everything the media reports), I had heard nothing but good things before going. 2,747 more words

Love Lucy Boots

Border Crossings

I am not well traveled, but it seems to me border crossings are universally unpleasant. Anyone who judges a whole country by border crossing personnel, con men “aiding” your crossing, or aggressive taxi drivers trying to drum up business, does him or herself and the country a disservice. 451 more words


The Passage to El Salvador

I got on the bus in Liberia, Costa Rica with La Tortuga Verde near El Cuco, El Salvador as my destination. I had been in Costa Rica five weeks.   661 more words


We'll Cross That Border When We Get There

The moment you set an alarm for 4:30am, you deserve an interesting day. We got nothing short of that on the day we crossed the border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. 994 more words


Centaral America Backpacking Episode 6/8: Tikal and El Remate

We left San Pedro to Panajachel to figure out the best way to get to the Tikal ruins in the far north El Paten region of Guatemala.   1,825 more words



’40 lat za kierownicą. Znam tu każdy zakręt i każdy wybój.’

Na trasie między Encuentros, a Chichicastenango zakrętów jest sporo i to takich, przed którymi kierowcy ostrzegają się klaksonem, bo nie sposób wyrobić na swoim pasie. 441 more words