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Guatemalan Chicken buses: A lesson in letting go of personal space

To be honest, I hadn’t really given the chicken buses in Guatemala a second thought. In our six months of travel so far, we have experienced second class buses in Mexico, as well as chicken buses throughout Belize. 746 more words


Did you get the memo?

We’ve left our little beloved Lake Atitlan abode and have moved on to Antigua Guatemala.

We took the lancha to Panajachel this morning and the boy who was acting as ‘bowman’ was only about 12. 362 more words


Aniko asked me on FB about cheap buses from Guatemala City to Mexico City....I think

My reply:

chula, como andai?? pos yo un poquito jodido pero hay vamos…sin trabajo fijo, etc. oi! pero si, todavía en mi guatemaya que presiento me va a otorgar magia estos próximos meses.

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Survivors of the Guatemalan Chicken Bus

We took the 8 hour overnight Linea Dorada bus to Guatemala City arriving at 4am this morning. It was baltic on the bus, everyone else had coats, hats and blankets, I had shorts and t-shirt. 442 more words


Island Life in Belize then Guat-up?!

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan

After a brief few days back in Mexico we crossed the border into Belize. 1,124 more words

"A Chicken Bus is Never Full!" and Other Tales of Nicaraguan Transport

It would be nice if I had a picture of a chicken bus, wouldn’t it?  Yeah, about that…  All I can tell you is that no chickens were harmed in the making of the chicken buses. 1,160 more words


Are you ready for the chicken bus?

At home, a normal commute to work on a bus is a pretty mundane thing, usually the most uneventful part of your day, half an hour on a comfortable air-conditioned bus, padded seats, where everyone minds their own business glued to their iPhones or just staring into space… 236 more words