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Are you ready for the chicken bus?

At home, a normal commute to work on a bus is a pretty mundane thing, usually the most uneventful part of your day, half an hour on a comfortable air-conditioned bus, padded seats, where everyone minds their own business glued to their iPhones or just staring into space… 236 more words


Turn down for Guat

Today marks my first week living in Antigua, Guatemala, and what a week it has been.  The jet lag has passed; I’m getting used to all the everyday noises like the firecrackers that may go off at any time of the day or night; I am no longer slipping or rolling an ankle on the cobblestone roads and I am confidently walking around town without a map.  387 more words


Hey everybody! Let's play a game of Chicken Bus Tetris!

Getting on a chicken bus means signing yourself up (involuntarily) for a grand game of human Tetris. Here’s how it works:

The gamer:
The Bus Wrangler – a fast talking, door swinging amigo whose sole responsibility is to get the bus as full as possible. 306 more words



I have worked here with this camioneta for twenty years, and yes, I have stories. I have too many stories. It is not the safest profession. 130 more words


Goodbye Ometepe! Hello Granada!

Today, Chris and I said goodbye to Ometepe. We took the chicken bus, as it is called here, to Moyogalpa. The chicken bus is just an old American school bus that is used to provide public transportation on the island. 260 more words


Guatemala City and Antigua: 45 minutes and a world apart

As the bus climbed the steep road out of Guatemala City, I kept my eyes on the road, in an attempt to avoid carsickness, or in this case school bus-sickness, exacerbated in no small part by the choking diesel fumes from the other buses sharing the road. 580 more words

Accion Ambassadors 2014

Market Day in Chichicastenango ("Chichi")

The wild ride on the chicken bus came to an end at Chichi. Phew! As soon as we got off a man came up to us asking where we were staying. 374 more words

Midlife Crisis? Not Necessarily!