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Chicks - First Week of Growth

I am getting accustomed to being a chicken-mommy after a little over a week of training.  My chicks have grown surprisingly fast!

They went from this on the first day: 361 more words

Hobby Farm

'Killer' The Chick Vs The Invading Cricket Hordes!

20 days ago we started incubation on 41 eggs from the ladies, these eggs included parings from all four roosters so this was going to be interesting right from the beginning. 943 more words

Current Conditions

Chickens. The First Livestock.

The mother of a friend of ours raises chickens, turkeys, and various other animals on a hobby farm across town from us. Our friend mentioned to her that we were looking for chickens, and she offered to give us some as she was selling off and harvesting a bunch of her animals. 581 more words


Slideshow: The chicken coop build

It took us almost four months — through snow, rain and sub-freezing temperatures — to complete building the chicken coop. But you can watch the whole process here in just a few minutes!


Chicken Sequencing Continues

It started with a remodeled coop.  Then we got cool hens.

Farmer Rick made them a neat waterer and I brightened up their feed can. 67 more words


6 Benefits of Raising Your Own Chicken.

After massive egg recalls and appalling videos of the inside of chicken farms, the idea of raising your own chickens has quickly caught on.  It’s not just for the farms or owners with big plots of land anymore.   517 more words

Delving Deeper -- In the Henhouse

The henhouse. The chicken coop. The roost. What do I know about chickens? Not as much as I thought I did. For instance, I’ve always believed there was a rooster strutting through every barnyard flock of chickens. 490 more words

Delving Deeper