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Raising and Taming Late Fall Baby Chicks

At times chickens can present many challenges. Like most animals we can’t ask them what wrong we can only intuit based on our previous experiences. 1,457 more words


Bringing My Travels to a Close

My final day in Ghana was a busy one, albeit not quite as exciting and productive as the day I described last time (link to it). 1,437 more words


Planning the Perfect Coop

It is never too early to start thinking about designing a chicken coop. Perhaps you are thinking about getting chickens this spring, or simply improving an existing chicken coop. 91 more words

Question of the day

So we have all experienced that revelation during the beginning years of raising chickens. With that being said, What is that one lesson you learned the hard way that you wish someone would have warned you about?


Roll Call

When my chickens are all like, “Hey where are you going?” 9 more words


DIY Quick Treat: The Positive Effects of Garlic

Let’s first look at a short explanation of garlic.

Why garlic? Garlic is a delicious and natural form of medication for both you and your chickens. 153 more words


To heat or not to heat…that is the question!

With freezing temperatures and bone chilling winds the winter can be tough for chickens. There are many opinions and reasons on whether or not to heat your chicken coop for the winter. 379 more words