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What you need to know about backyard chickens

Why go to the store and buy eggs when you can grab them from your own backyard?

Backyard chicken cooping is trending across Halton region. There are various arguments for why people are both for and against the practice. 985 more words

Chicks and Duckies!

In the midst of selling loam and mulch, lime and fertilizer, grass seed and crabgrass preventer — our chickens and ducks arrive. We always wait until after Easter so they are not bought as throw-away pets. 100 more words


Trying oatmeal

We are branching out and trying new things so we decided to give the girls some oatmeal. At first they weren’t sure but in the end there wasn’t an oat left on the plate. 13 more words

Have you ever wished you could eat as well and hassle-free as your pets?

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives just like we are. Today’s dog, cat, exotic pet, horse and even rabbit food is specially formulated to provide a perfectly balanced meal. 143 more words

Pet And Livestock Feed


The highlight of yesterday was shoveling shit (Aggie thinks this is so crude and reworded my title) at Jack’s place. That’s his newest calf investigating the trailer. 281 more words

Farm Activities

FEED U: The Art Of Eating "Old School" - Lesson 1 - Fodder / Sprouts

This slideshow was created to accompany a talk I will be giving next month. If all goes well, I will post a video of the entire presentation, which will go into this more in depth and cover other related topics. 55 more words

What the fodder?!

My oh my, what the fodder?! About 18 days ago we started trying to grow wheat sprout fodder for the chickens. I did some research into the subject and thought I knew what to do… well today we are starting over. 187 more words