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Take advantage of a drought & high beef prices to double your herd

For many farmers and ranchers, a prolonged drought is a signal to either reduce or eliminate their livestock herd due to the scarcity and high cost of feed. 382 more words

Cattle Feed Sprouting

Fermented Feed Day 2

We lifted the towel off the buckets of fermented feed this morning – did it smell!!  I don’t know what smelled worse, the fermented feed or the sardines in the dogs’ raw food… 53 more words


Fermented Chicken Feed

We have been talking about fermenting our chicken feed ever since we purchased our baby chicks. There are many benefits to eating fermented food, both for the chickens and for humans: more available probiotics and digestive enzymes, boosts the good bacteria in the digestive tract, makes food more palatable to chickens. 294 more words


Growing Up and Getting Ready for Sale

The chicks are getting so big. They are feathering out nicely. I’ve settled on the Americauna and Black Star I’ll be keeping. It will take a bit longer to figure out the others. 743 more words


Listing: Feed Stores In Your Area

In an effort to connect our customers with their local feed stores, this is a list of feed stores that carry quality poultry supplies from the Bay Area all the way down to San Diego.  849 more words

Backyard Chickens

Chicken Feed - Pineapple

As well as gaming videos I do a series called ‘Chicken Feed’. This is where I feed our four chickens different foods to see if they like them. 63 more words


Chickens Love Organic

I feed my chickens organic.*

To buy organic feed lay feed (no hormones, just the right mix of nutrients), we make a trip from our little town to “the city” about three times a year – not a problem. 219 more words

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