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Chicken vol au vent.

I mostly made this because I wanted to use some mushrooms up, it’s similar in construction to the rabbit vol au vent, and very easy with bought, rolled pastry.

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Winter Chicken Food




Butternut Squash


Frozen Grass

Barley Seed Jar

Barley Seeds

Our chickens, after the snow here, refused come out of their coop for three days, so they had nothing to eat but cracked corn and regular feed. 261 more words


Khao Soi Kai - Northern Thai Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken

There is good Thai food, and then there is really, really good Thai food. If you’ve had the really, really good authentic stuff (Lotus of Siam in Vegas, Pok Pok in Portland and/or New York) ¬†and it made you want to brave taking on the lengthy list of unknown ingredients and invest an entire weekend to pounding chile paste and curry paste in a mortar and pestle, in my book, you’re a true lover of Thai food. 2,139 more words