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All in one, low fat Madras curry

the potato and lentils had thickened it up nicely, which meant I didn’t need to add anything else to the sauce,

I fancied a curry, Mr 5 didn’t, I didn’t really feel like faffing about frying off spices and what have you, so inspired by a curry I saw blogged on here a while ago, but can’t remember where, this is my…

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Ostrich steak pitta and a chicken taco casserole

so I’m trying to have a little healthy spurt before I stuff my face at Christmas, sadly my cheese addiction keeps getting the better of me..

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Food Photos

Seriously easy baked Italian chicken

Seriously easy chicken. I mean it: seriously easy. And delicious!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Place chick in casserole dish or baking pan.

Mix olive oil, vinegar, red wine vinegar, mayo, garlic powder, basil, sage, paprika, salt, pepper, smidge of mint, fresh lemon juice – pour over chicken. 61 more words

Main Dishes

Minced beef fajita pies

I wouldn’t buy super mild anything usually, having seen what you get for your money, I wouldn’t buy it again,

I watched this programme last week, …

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Mexican chicken soup

I have a thing about creamy taco sauces at the moment if you haven’t guessed, but it’s really lovely..

Even if I say so myself, this was delicious, warming, nicely spiced and comforting, it’s a soup version of the…

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Hot Joy! Crab-Fat Caramel Wings

I recently admitted publicly (via social channels) that the one thing I like about football season is guilt-free chicken-wing consumption. It’s all in the name of research, see? 869 more words


chicken cordon bleu meatballs

I actually wore gloves for this, mostly because I’d just had a manicure and shellac nail job and didn’t fancy ick under my nails,

Following the success of the…

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