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Chicken Pot Pie

I absolutely love chicken pot pie! I’ll often try to make 2 pies with this recipe so I can have extra¬†because these are awesome leftovers! 304 more words


Chicken and red rice and cheats Frito Misto

about a million years later, some serious tutting and muttering under my breath, the rice was just cooked,

On Tuesday I had great idea to use up some of the wild rice I’d bought a while ago and although it was a nice dinner it wasn’t as fantastic as I envisaged because…

311 more words

Casseroles from leftovers are AWESOME!

Casseroles are definitely underrated. They are not only delicious, but they are hearty, interesting and always different. They are a wonderful way to empty out the refrigerator and use any and all leftovers that you might have. 342 more words


Stir fry chicken

This began as a teriyaki dish, but I can never leave well enough alone and added herbies that make it have a more overall Asian flavor, not specifically teriyaki. 580 more words


Mediterranean style chicken salad with feta open faced sandwiches

This recipe is great for left over chicken breast. It is quick, easy, delicious and quite healthy.

As with most of my recipes, though, I can tell you WHAT I put in the salad, but you will have to use your own taste buds to figure out the amounts :) 53 more words


Mediterranean chicken salad Endive lettuce boats

One of the easiest things to whip up for an appetizer or for a light meal.

I can tell you WHAT I put in it, but can’t tell you how much of each ingredient. 93 more words


Easy chicken pot pie using biscuit mix

Although I really try to stay away from prepared food, this recipe is just too quick and easy not to share!

Since we no longer use canned soups, I first made a soup concoction that would work in place of the “cream of somesuch” other recipes called for. 153 more words