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mango and chili chicken and a saladfest

I shall endeavour to restart blogging properly when it’s not quite so oppressive and I have something of note to blog about.

I mustn’t complain, we don’t get gorgeous weather like this often, but it really has been too hot to bother cooking and I’ve had even less motivation to blog, but I thought I’d make the effort.

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It Tastes Like Chicken... Maybe

Recently I’ve read a number of articles about problems created by an over abundance of jellyfish. Some even mentioned the possibility we could be or perhaps should be… 923 more words


Tikka Tostadas

I decided to start to replicate some of them, which is why my blog has been a bit thin on the ground lately..

I made this dinner on the back of having half a bag of mini poppadoms in the cupboard, that when I tested where still really crispy, while I was in Tesco I bought one of those 3 for a tenner meat deals and picked up some ready marinaded chicken tikka escalopes and as Mr 5 missed out on all of last years summer recipes and hasn’t had…

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Raising mealworms for chickens

My experiment with mealworm cultivation is progressing. When I last reported, a month ago, I had acquired some larvae and they were busy squirming around eating bran and bits of fruit and veg. 471 more words

Gardening And Growing

Coconut Milk Baked Chicken {PALEO}

So… We’ve survived the move, which just so happened to coincide with a family visit and school letting out for the summer.  In terms of planning, moving while doing fun, touristy things around the city with your family…  Well, let’s just say that it doesn’t make for the easiest move.  351 more words


Egg Rolls

I hope you are having a great weekend! One thing I love about weekends is that I sometimes (normally? often? usually?) have more time to play in the kitchen than during the week.  512 more words


Coconut Lime Chicken with Sweet Coconut Rice

I’ve been meaning to make this chicken for a while and it did not disappoint (great sauce) but the highlight of this meal was actually the rice! 335 more words