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Famosa Chicken Rice Ball... Worth a try!

When we arrived at the front of the restaurant, we were told to order our food there, on the spot. I was like, what? Anyway, order we did. 226 more words


For my grandparents

I thought about my background- I’m pretty blessed with grandparents who have amazing culinary skills on both my paternal and maternal sides. On dad’s side, my Grandma, or ” ah ma”, as I affectionately call her, specializes in Nonya dishes. 241 more words


PappaRich - Chatswood

Malaysian food! Or Singaporean food, whichever. It’s like, roti prata or roti canai. Mostly the same, but served quite differently. We have a lot of similar stuff, but there’s quite a difference in a lot of things. 403 more words


Singapore's National Dish- Chicken Rice

Whenever I travel somewhere, I watch Anthony Bourdain’s travel to that country/city. I watched his episode on Singapore before I moved and was determined to try (in his opinion) the best chicken rice in Singapore at the Maxwell Center, Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. 222 more words


{One Pot Wonder} Mexican Chicken & Rice

The great thing about this dish? (I mean besides the incredibly tasty flavors) It can all be made in one pot. All of it. Rice and all. 209 more words


Cheap Eats @ Guan Kim Coffeeshop on 10Apr2014

makan at guan kim coffeeshop next to tanglin halt market on 10.4.2014.

was waiting in queue for the S$2.80 teochew fishball noddles & saw a few tables ordering the curry fish head. 128 more words

Buon Appetito!

Ipoh on York

Ipoh on York boasts a great laksa and the usual array of delicious Malaysian food.

I went for the Hainan chicken, of course. Leg rather than breast. 97 more words