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Happy Flock At Last

We picked up some kindnesses for the chickens.  A bale of straw to insulate their feet from the snow in the run, some cracked corn to peck at in the straw, and a cabbage. 282 more words


Breed of the Month - Maran

This month we’re looking at the Maran, an attractive, popular breed of chicken that are prized for their beautiful dark brown eggs. They have orange eyes and white skin. 299 more words


Day Two Hundred and Six: Chickens

The shed (the bantam cave) and your own Rhode Island run is out here and you strut and cluck and stop and turn, taking everything in and sussing everything out. 115 more words


Four new young hens in the coop

Since we started eating LCHF, we’ve eaten enormous amounts of cheese (full fat), cottage cheese, cream cheese, cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil and eggs. 797 more words

This Is Me

10 o'clock list: Childhood Movies to Rewatch Tonight

It’s Wednesday, there’s no trivia, and our mid-semester “To Do” piles are steadily growing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still drink a lot of wine and end the night crying!  251 more words


The Bird and The Beard : #12 Chicken Run/Little Monsters

The Bird and The Beard are back with two childhood favorites!  Are you seeing the crazy generational gap??!!  As you see, I got about a decade on The Bird!   153 more words



Three thousand is a pretty large number, well depends on what the 3000 represents. Compared to the number of leaves I will have to rake this fall, it’s not very large at all. 718 more words