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About white Italians, Sussex, Danish country and a lot of eggs

It looks like keeping the Sussex rooster is a success. No more crowing at 1:30 AM, no more bullying, no more bad behavior all in all. 851 more words

This Is Me

Chicken Run

I spotted these chickens in my friend’s garden today. The chickens belong to a neighbour but occasionally they make a “run” for it and come over to forage for treats.

Birds Of Christchurch

Jays, pheasants and a mouse-eating dog

It was light, when I got up today, and outside my bedroom window a jay was enjoying some of the cereals we’d put out there for the chickens and hens. 289 more words

This Is Me

Damage From The Storm

My Thanksgiving turned out to be much less of a cozy day than I had hoped.  Despite the length of the storm, we did not end up getting that much snow.   442 more words


Building the Shawcluck Henitentiary

We’ve been chicken owners for four years (currently on batch 2/3 of birds) and normally move them around the garden every four months or so inside their wire fenced run.   1,024 more words


Happy Flock At Last

We picked up some kindnesses for the chickens.  A bale of straw to insulate their feet from the snow in the run, some cracked corn to peck at in the straw, and a cabbage. 282 more words


Breed of the Month - Maran

This month we’re looking at the Maran, an attractive, popular breed of chicken that are prized for their beautiful dark brown eggs. They have orange eyes and white skin. 299 more words