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Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul

Today at work I heard a story that went like this…

I used to work as a nurse on a psych unit for 20+ years, and I absolutely loved it.

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Words Of Wisdom

Camp Week Two: Chicken soup, metaphorical and literal.

Chicken soup is good for the soul, right?
I have to admit it, I’ve finally hit that typical Week Two Slump that was always coming. I made it through until three days ago. 239 more words


My Chicken Soup

My chicken soup is somewhat of a medium between your typical Caucasian-style chicken soup, where a lot of the flavour comes from the sweetness of onions and carrots, however is also quite Asian-influenced from my addition of shiitake mushrooms and shallots (or spring onions, if you want to be pedantic about it). 666 more words


Karl’s Refrigerator Chicken Soup III

This is a dish that I make every few months. When I make a chicken dish, I frequently buy whole chickens and cut them up myself. 889 more words


Relaxing Day in Discovery Bay

Today was a day for family bonding. I’m having this great big adventure, but I really did travel to the other side of the world mainly to see my cousins, whom I’d been missing terribly. 603 more words

Chicken Taco Soup Recipe

It’s been a tough week and I can’t be more then glad that its over, of course I’m still lagging on projects, designs and whatnot, I’m running at least 36 hours behind my schedule and I have no idea when I’ll catch up, I still haven’t recovered from the move itself and half of the house is still packed in boxes so when I need to find something, I go through a thousand boxes and still don’t find what I’m looking for and by then I give up for a few hours, then recognize I need the item and the search begins again. 314 more words

Vivid dreams… 23. May 2014

An apple, some water

Chicken soup with tofu and cherry tomatoes. Also had some garlic and butter bread.

Macaroni with minced meat