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Big Kids

So, the babies are now outside full time at 6 weeks old. 6 weeks is what is recommended, weather permitting. You don’t want to put them ouside if it is the middle of winter. 681 more words


Pippin and his Pippin-proof balcony

So it’s been a week and the Pippin-proof balcony is still working! Pippin doesn’t really like it though because he can no longer escape onto the roof. 135 more words


Pippin proofing the balcony

Today Gene and I went to Lowe’s and bought some “chicken” wire (it isn’t called chicken wire but it’s pretty similar) to put around our balcony. 178 more words


The Top Five Things I Learned From Updating Our Kitchen

So… our kitchen is FINALLY done. Of course done seems to be a relative term for me. Is anything ever really done? Not in my house, apparently. 1,559 more words


As summer degree shows come to a close, we want to share with you our personal highlights of the crop of talented artists graduating this year. 218 more words

Strand Gallery

Cleaning & Sports Are Both Relevant At The Moment

Ahh, how good it feels to clean my room. My host sister had a mini spring cleaning spree(except it’s still winter here). So, I too, vacuumed my room and reorganized my furniture a bit. 248 more words

Sammie Oh

Easy, Beautiful, Did I Say Inexpensive Way to Organize Your Earrings

I have been going through and organizing and upgrading my life from my desktop to my accessories, like earrings.  So I have been doing some DIY projects to help limit shopping and use up things that I already have.   260 more words