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Weight Issues

I started experiencing weight gain issues as soon as I arrived to America. Back in Africa my family was only able to provide me with one meal a day due to limited financial means. 507 more words

Chicken with Peanuts and Pak Choi

Hey, good lookin!

A couple years ago when I would frequent the village market, my friend and I were addicted to an Asian restaurant at the food court and we would always order the same thing for lunch. 310 more words


I have been staring at this chicken for ten minutes now

My mum told me to watch the chicken (it’s dead by the way) and now ten minutes later, I’m still here, watching it. 126 more words


Honey Curried Chicken Legs

Recently, chicken parts were on sale for $.79/lb and I got a lot and stashed some in the freezer.

Honey Curried Chicken Legs



Thai Kaeng Panang Red Curry with Chicken

Once you have basic Thai red curry pasten (Kaeng Kua), you can easily turn it into an ‘advanced’ curry paste such as Kaeng Panang, which is enriched with peanuts and spices. 359 more words



When I can’t get to Chinatown in Boston or New York, I cook my version of a recipe I discovered many years ago in “The Chinese Cookbook,” a wonderful source of information by former NY Times food critic Craig Claiborne and Virginia Lee. 169 more words