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Cream Legbars are getting so big!

My Cream Legbars! They’re getting SO BIG!

Right now I’m left with two roosters and a little pullet(above); poor thing everybody picks on her and she goes “CHEEP” when they peck her.   273 more words


How We See

My chicks are a month old now and a far cry from the cute, fuzzy little creatures they were in the first week.  The day after I arrived daughter Amanda spent some time in the room with the chicks and I took this photograph of her hands holding one of them.   552 more words


The Mystery of the Dead and Dying Chickens

She wasn’t standing at the back door like she often is, waiting for me to sit down so she can hop on my lap and fall asleep.  332 more words


Jackie French Chook book

I really like Jackie French and want to get all her books.

This one has heaps of information about keeping chooks so it will come in handy when I get my own.

(c) Olivia Brown 2014.


The Coop - Some Thoughts

I finished the coop today. This journey began June 18 so it took a little over a month to complete.  I have to say that I am pleased with how it came out and the chickens really love their new home.   495 more words


Chicken in the Shower

If you come to my house and ask to use the bathroom, do not be surprised by what you may see in the shower stall. That is my chicken infirmary. 319 more words