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The Vineyard, the Fedge and the Mini-Orchard

I am SO excited to report that Ray, Jake, Joe and I ate our first grapes yesterday! Oddly enough, the bounty did not come from the plants we put in last year, but from the… 207 more words

Garden Stories

The Last. . .

…harvest of tomatoes that is.  The vines are dry and brown, the handful of remaining tomatoes are being decimated by the stinkbugs and each day I pull and toss a vine to the chickens to pick over.   387 more words


My garden in September

I started keeping this garden diary in September 2013, so this post marks one whole year of recording my garden every month. I find it interesting to look back and see the changes to my garden throughout the seasons and note the progress made and challenges fought in making my garden as productive as possible. 487 more words

Raising Chicks - Week 3

Our baby chicks are not really babies anymore! They are mostly covered in feathers and some are starting to grow the combs on their heads. And if I’m being totally honest – they’re not particularly cute anymore either. 174 more words


How to keep ducks and chickens together

For some people the idea of keeping ducks and chickens together brings them out in a cold sweat and even if they keep both species they are kept in separate enclosures. 472 more words


Spring has sprung in the desert!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been watching the season unfold and with the Equinox just days away it is clear that the tide has turned and the hints of summer coming can be felt in the warm afternoons and clear, long evenings. 324 more words


Breaking Miss Broody

As a new chicken mama, I was not prepared for a hen to go broody. I noticed that our Cochin Bantam was spending a lot of time in the nesting area. 743 more words