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Chicken Butcher Day

Today, my husband and I joined forces with our neighbors and butchered 25 of their meat hens and 25 of our own! We raised Cornish Rock meat chickens for eight weeks. 356 more words

Farm Fancy

Chicken housing

Where you keep your hens is very important because the chicken house not only provides a place for your hens to sleep, but also to lay eggs and to protect them predators and the elements. 379 more words


Keeping chickens in an urban environment

Keeping a small flock of hens in an urban environment can be a great idea for many reasons:

Fresh eggs

It is always great to have fresh eggs and with your own chickens you always know how old the eggs are. 269 more words


Day Two Hundred and Six: Chickens

The shed (the bantam cave) and your own Rhode Island run is out here and you strut and cluck and stop and turn, taking everything in and sussing everything out. 115 more words


Botham Takes on the RSPB (and I Can't Even Think of a Good Cricket Pun)

It’s not often my twin interests of cricket and conservation combine. So, given Ian Botham’s criticism of the RSPB this week, I couldn’t give up the chance to comment. 1,364 more words



2015 is just around the corner, fancy an Air An Lot calendar? I’ve printed a few using some of the most popular photos from the past year and I’m selling them for £10. 16 more words


Imaginary Friend Advices/The House of Weeping

‘Always check if the pavement is frozen before you choose to lick it.’


The Orphanage for Imaginary Friends AKA ‘The House Of Weeping’ is an invisible building hovering six feet above the ground in most city squares. 268 more words

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