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Want and Want and Want

I’ve been a mess of waiting. Impatient waiting. Crazyface waiting. I want everything to happen and I want it to happen now. I want all of the things I want, spread out before me like a feast, and I want to cherry-pick every single bite of joy. 185 more words

S is for Spuds (and Shadow)

In the depths of winter when the grass stops growing we stop moving the chicken pen so frequently – there’s not much point. The hens would just decimate whatever area they were parked on. 236 more words


Becky's Plot and Egg Talk...

Today i finally got to see my friend Becky’s Plot.

Becky is a keen allotmenteer and likes to recycle and reuse. She plans to grow vegetables, fruit and some flowers. 198 more words


Even high in the mountains, we are beginning to see the squirrel ear leaves.  Because of our very cold winter and spring, everything is blooming at once, all of the trees that normally stagger their blossoms and pollen are exploding at once.   589 more words


My steps to putting art on-line and check out my finished gator.

Hi all y’all,

Gorgeous today in New Orleans. I opted out of a picnic so that I could write to you. I need to keep a work schedule or I feel like a fraud. 292 more words

Deep Litter Method

Recently, I was curious about what other bedding people use for their chicken coops, so I browsed around on the internet when I came across the idea of the… 243 more words



So by now, the chicks in the brooder box in the garage were completely over being in a brooder box in the garage.  Whenever I stopped by the brooder box to say hello or to give them food or change their water, inquisitive little beaks were poking through the hardware cloth cover we’d made.  1,736 more words