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Well, it’s pretty clear by now that we have two roosters in our flock.  “Buster” is a beautiful multi-colored Araucana with blue-green feet.  I guess he won’t be laying us any pink or blue eggs now.   503 more words

Hobby Farm

Chickens and Pigs

Artists tend to doodle during meetings. Three days of meetings means lots of doodling. I draw something based on what speakers say. Where do you get inspiration for doodling?


Black Is A Good Color

When I was a teenager, I wore a lot of black. Mostly because all my favorite bands at the time –Kittie, Coal Chamber, Misfits, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, David Bowie (always awesome)– had t-shirts that only came in a unisex size and only in black. 258 more words

Farm Life

Week 27....Freedom

So I’m a little behind in my blog posting for each week….I’m attempting to catch up. This theme came out offer the 4th of July week. 149 more words

Project Life: 2014

'Twas a Hot Afternoon....

and the sun was a scorcher…

let’s try the human coop!

Words that you will rarely here a Scot say “it’s too hot!”. Looking for shelter from the sun, somewhere to cool down, a good reason to down tools and watch the “Glasgow Games”!


At 5 months old, our first hen started to lay eggs! Meringue the Rhode Island Red (dark brown one pictured below) is our first layer. She started on 7/7/14 while we were on vacation. 207 more words


The Cow Bra

Has arrived but is still in it’s box for the moment.  Can you spot the spelling mistake?

We need to wait until the wound is past the cracking scab stage. 397 more words