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După ce mă odihnisem bine însfârșit, dimineața sosise cu o grămadă de lucruri noi pentru mine. Eram un ninja al satului, lumea credea că memoria mea a fost ștearsă de cineva care îmi blocase și punctele chakra iar acum sunt în căutarea acelui nenorocit. 976 more words

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Perl doesn't return a value when numeric comparison is false

I am trying to execute below code what puzzles me is why doesn’t this comparison return any value when false. Is this the default behavior of these comparison operator? 29 more words

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jquery to highlight the selected html tab

I have set of tabs in html which I want to highlight when selected. I am trying to use jquery to do this. But it does not seem to work. 208 more words

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Naruto vs Sasuke! Understand Each Other - Naruto 695

Naruto 695 sees Naruto and Sasuke battling each other with all their strength as we have 5 more chapters left. They use their Susanoo and Kurama Mode to enable and fight each other, they also go on ahead and release their Bijuu Dama and Chidori just like before allowing them to become one and understand each other. 377 more words

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