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Naruto vs Sasuke! Understand Each Other - Naruto 695

Naruto 695 sees Naruto and Sasuke battling each other with all their strength as we have 5 more chapters left. They use their Susanoo and Kurama Mode to enable and fight each other, they also go on ahead and release their Bijuu Dama and Chidori just like before allowing them to become one and understand each other. 377 more words

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Android Beginner need help-1.button not displaying text 2. is logic correct

Question 1) For some reason, when i click “generate” it does not display any text.I want the button to do the following: after the user input 3 values (int) for example : 1,1,2 and click the “generate” button and the display message should be “Isosceles Triangle: 2 Congruent Sides”—this works before but my logic was wrong and I asked a question here : … 599 more words


If statement not working for android programming

I am trying to create a type of triangle app for my homework but when I tried to use if statement in java, for some reason, when I click on the “Generate Button”, it keeps on showing the ” Scalene Triangle: No Congruent Sides” , even thought my inputs are : 2,2,3 which should be an Isosceles Triangle. 503 more words