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Speaking of Chikungunya ...

It will soon be 7 months since I contracted the virus, Chikungunya, shortly after returning to Bequia last summer. I should add that it’s been a veeerrryyyyy looonnngggg 7 months at that! 976 more words

Susan Toy

Millions of GMO insects could be set loose in Florida Keys

Excerpt from the article. ….”Never before have insects with modified DNA come so close to being set loose in a residential U.S. neighborhood.” … To read the full article go to… 6 more words


Chikungunya To Chickenpox: How Did The Most Famous Diseases Get Such Strange Monikers?

Humans like to name things — it’s just what we do. Even a crippling, horrific disease has a moniker to go by. Some diseases such as measles and chickenpox have become such household names that many don’t even stop to think of the origins of the words. 1,289 more words


Some Facts About Florida's Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

By Richard Levine

Over the weekend, a deluge of news articles about the possible release of genetically-modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys swept the Internet. The modified mosquitoes, if approved, would be used to control mosquito populations without pesticides, and would lower the chances of Floridians being exposed to mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya. 637 more words

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GMO Mosquitoes to Fight Spread of Dengue and Chikungunya

There are no vaccines or cures for dengue, known as “break-bone fever,” or chikungunya, so painful it causes contortions. While U.S. cases remain rare for now, they have been rapidly spread throughout the Caribbean and Central America.  148 more words


RACE OF LIFE!!! Lindsay Lohan Mad Race To Complete Community Service

Lindsay Lohan is scrambling to finish her community service by Wednesday … because jail is on the line.

We’re told Lindsay went to the Community Service Volunteers in London Friday and Saturday, and her plan was to go Sunday … and Monday and Tuesday. 175 more words