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I thought I could evade this one. What was i thinking? I, who got the flu three times within the same month a few weeks- not to mention the dreaded  167 more words

Maybe I Should Just Get A Diary

Chik Wah- The Truth About Chikungunya

Chikun Wah? Like most of you, I cannot begin to pronounce the tongue twisting virus Chikungunya (pronounced chick-un-GOON-ya) and nicknamed Chik-V now afflicting Jamaica. I read with interest the stories posted on Facebook by friends and family who had succumbed to the virus.  571 more words


En descenso casos de dengue y chikungunya en todo el país

Esta semana se reportó el primer descenso en la curva de crecimiento de casos de dengue y la fiebre chikungunya en todo el país, informó este lunes el vicepresidente para Desarrollo Social y Misiones, Héctor Rodríguez. 206 more words


Hector Rodríguez: Más de 26 mil casos de chikungunya en lo que va de 2014

El vicepresidente para el Área Social, Hcétor Rodríguez, informó que en lo que va de 2014 se han presentado 26.451 casos de chikungunya en el país. 134 more words


November 24: Uribana

After a mutiny at the Rodeo prison complex in Guatire left two people dead and eight others injured on Saturday, the Uribana prison near Barquisimeto, Lara state is experiencing its own unrest today. 832 more words

Daily Update

Chikungunya: What you should know before your tropical vacation

WATCH ABOVE: Christina Stevens takes a look at the Chikungunya Virus – a virus transferred by mosquitoes that can lead to severe joint pain.

If you are heading south this winter, be aware that a mosquito-borne disease has taken hold of much of the Caribbean and Central and South America. 487 more words


Who will rescue us from CHIKV?

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My hands feel like useless claws in the mornings. So too do my feet as I stumble and hobble out of bed first thing. 211 more words