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Rule #158: Child beauty pageants

Child beauty pageants, similar to sliced cheese, have been around for over 100 years. Phineas T. Barnum of circus fame, held a beautiful baby contest in the 1850s. 296 more words

Underreported News Week!

Journalism this week has sucked, so here’s what matters.
People who worked on Nauru are now allowed to talk about it in court. Basically everyone in detention is being abused in every way. 227 more words

Court: Toddler Beaten To Death Over Cake

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A 23-year-old St. Louis woman has been indicted by a grand jury in her toddler daughter’s beating death.

Shanika M. Evans is charged with second-degree murder, child abuse and child endangerment and remained in jail Friday on a $500,000 bond. 119 more words


Things Are Never Usually What They Seem

This post was submitted anonymously.

“He’s been rolling in the f*cking mud you stupid tw*t!”

I was desperately trying to stop him from continuing to hurt the family dog who had made the mistake of simply being a dog and rolling in the mud during a walk. 1,164 more words


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Growing up in an abusive home, this post resonated with me and reminded me that even though our specific details may be different, we are not alone in this. Regardless of our ages or the time that has passed, it is still there. Thank you to the poster today for speaking up and sharing their story. I am glad you have reached a place where you can find peace and strength within yourself. Please go read the full story at "Stories That Must Not Die" and leave your thoughts and comments there.   Trigger warnings for abusive and violent behavior.


Standing right before you,
But you don’t see me,
You don’t hear me,
I am nothing to you,
Just something to be ignored,
But it’s a weird thing to experience now, 353 more words


The Government Should Stop Discriminating Against Religious Adoption Agencies

Kelly Rosati, whose four children joined her family through foster care adoption, knows first-hand the pain and difficulties caused by a broken child welfare system. 40 more words

Foster Care