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How I Spent My All-Too-Extended Vacation: Final Chapter

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way pronto: I edited these very different books last fall/winter (one while starting the new job), and they’re finally in my hands. 943 more words


Well couple more days and the Thanksgiving holiday will be upon us. I’m trying really hard to change my mindset and striving to be positive, but unfortunately I’m not doing a real good job. 418 more words

I Feel Like I Forgot Something

I have all the supplies for the big Thanksgiving meal. Today, my boy and I ventured out and rented several DVDs for my little family of three to enjoy over the long weekend. 347 more words

Chasing and chasing... FOIP

Chasing my childhood so far has been a really interesting journey, from the pain, the frustration to the absolute excitement and curiosity that follows me while I chase my past. 558 more words

🚽 Flush

Jamie Faith (not for sensitive readers)

I can’t seem to shake this off. This time, this news headline, this child. Maybe because she looks like mine. Maybe because she was about the same age as mine. 360 more words

South Africa

Children... People or Property?

Parents aren’t perfect. Parents will make mistakes. These are two immutable truths and so what makes some parents good and caring while others are bad and abusive? 356 more words

Child Abuse