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Minnesota counties 'screen out' most child abuse reports

Minnesota’s counties received nearly 68,000 reports of child abuse or neglect last year but closed most of those cases without investigation or assessment.

A review of state and federal… 160 more words

Child Abuse

Local DJ staying awake for a week to raise awareness about child abuse

This is the seventh year of ‘Live for 175,’ a campaign by 103.5 KISS FM to raise awareness for child abuse. DJ Kekeluv kicked off the event Friday morning, and says he won’t sleep for one week. 205 more words

Child Abuse

Colorado makes child abuse data website public

Colorado has created a website that provides the public with child-protection and child-abuse data for each county, making the state one of four in the nation to make such information accessible to the public. 145 more words

Child Abuse

Tennessee Supreme Court to rule about faith healing as child abuse

Once again, religious shield laws rear their head in the case of charges brought against the caregivers in a child’s death. The mother is trying to get out of her conviction of child neglect. 210 more words

Child Abuse

Blue Days

Some mornings when I wake I think, okay this is the situation and I fully understand that there is nothing I can do to change it. 105 more words

Performing Good-West-Indian-Discipline Online

Today I shared this video of a Caribbean mom beating her 12-year-old daughter with a belt for talking to and sending photos of herself to a man online.   831 more words


''What if I mess up?'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 35)

”Hello.”, a shy Matthew answered. The little girl walked toward Matthew, who was now sitting on his bed. When she got near Matthew, she jumped on the bed and sat next to the young boy. 770 more words