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I'm Back

Yes, I am finally back! I am aware I haven’t written a blog for five months (ridiculous, I know—I have no excuse!), but I am now raring to go and to get back into writing—including doing my blog again. 177 more words

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5 Favorite Roald Dahl Books

My mom got me a Roald Dahl set of books for Christmas!  I thought all of those books would all be too long.  When I was convinced to start reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I really liked it!   107 more words

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LEAP Baby Frogs!!!

Frogs are very cool animals.  They are very cool to watch grow.  I love the way they HOP,HOP,HOP!  The story I am about to tell you is the most awesome story you’ll ever hear about frogs.  134 more words

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The story of the baby duck isn’t the only news about ducks in our yards.

One day when we were getting ready for church my mom told me and my sisters that there were cute little baby ducks in our front yard.  123 more words

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We have babies!

There are about a dozen of these cute, new, tiny creatures and they are living on our land.

Once when I was finished with my breakfast, there was a cute little baby duck in our backyard.  163 more words

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