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Change in Child Custody Reversed in Chattanooga: Hendricks v. Smith

Facts: Mother and Father, who were never married, entered an agreed parenting plan establishing a long-distance parenting schedule because of Mother’s and Children’s moved to Ohio. 537 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "My wife and I wanted to spend time with my stepson...the father won't let her."

Dear Carolyn:

Hi, how are you? I have a question, my wife and I wanted to spend time with my stepson this summer but the father won’t let her get him. 243 more words

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Grandparent Visitation Reversed in Clarksville, TN: In re Camryne B.

Facts: Mother and Father are the parents of Child. Mother had another child who was legally adopted by the Paternal Grandparents.

Disagreements and hostilities developed between Mother and Father and the Paternal Grandparents, and Mother and Father decided it was in Child’s best interest not to have further visitation with Paternal Grandparents. 538 more words

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BEASTIE BOYS on Parents' Rights to Records; Know this LAW- MCA 93-5-26

You Have to Fightfor Your Right toPARENT!

With apologies to the Beastie Boys, it should NOT be a fight to get your child’s important school  and medical records.   234 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "DSS testified at the 50B hearing..."

Dear Carolyn:

DSS testified at the 50B hearing for the child who was the alleged victim of domestic violence. The father of the child subpoenaed DSS to court, but DSS didn’t have anything and that is the problem. 294 more words

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Dos and Don'ts for Minnesota Divorcing Parties With Custody Issues-It's All About the Children


1. Do be civil and polite to your spouse especially in front of the children

2. Do be generous in allowing the other parent lots of time with the children.   497 more words

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