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Failure to Encourage Relationship with Parent Leads to Change in Child Custody in Chattanooga: Dickerson v. Cantrell

Facts: Mother and Father, parents of Child, divorced in 2011. They agreed that Mother be designated the primary residential parent. Father received reasonable visitation.

Two years later, Maternal Grandparents filed a petition for… 657 more words

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Minnesota Divorce and Sharing Healthcare Costs for the Children

These days insurance companies while decreasing premiums tend to increase co-payments or cut insurance coverage benefits for medical, vision and dental services.   As a result, parents pay more for uninsured medical expenses for the children. 470 more words

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Getting down to the business of your child support and child custody cases is not easy. Finding an attorney is frustrating and figuring out how to pay for him/her is painstaking. 485 more words

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Five Helpful Tips for Child Custody Cases

Parties going through custody cases often have lots of questions about the best way to approach their case.  While every case is different, and no uniform rules exist for every case, there are some general principles that most out there want to at least consider to have the best chance at a positive result: 924 more words

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Grandparent Visitation Denied in Clarksville, TN: In re Landon R. W.

Facts: Child lived with his Maternal Grandparents from birth until approximately age six, at which point he lived with Mother (Father is deceased). Less than two months later, Maternal Grandparents petitioned for court-ordered… 418 more words

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Where do you begin?

We all hear bits and pieces of some tragic and dramatic tale of a child custody or child support dispute from our friends.  Often times we sit and listen to each tale and think to ourselves, “I’m glad this is not my story”.  292 more words

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Discovering Medical and Psychological Records in Child Custody and Divorce Actions: Culbertson v. Culbertson

Facts: This is the second interlocutory appeal in this case.

In this child custody dispute, the parties agreed to engage Dr. Clement as an evaluating psychologist for the purpose of making a parenting recommendation to the trial court. 1,246 more words

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