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Warrant for Physical Custody of Child Vacated in Columbia, TN Custody Case: In re Joel B.

Facts: Mother lives in California. Father lives in Tennessee. Child was born in Tennessee. A few months after Child’s birth, Mother left Tennessee with Child and returned to California. 558 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "Now that summer is over and school has started..."

UPDATE: to “Ask Carolyn” from September 4, 2014 on the NFL, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL and the Ravens have terminated Rice’s contract.  650 more words

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Finding of No Material Change Reversed in Dyersberg Parenting Dispute: In re Lauren S.

Facts: Never-married Mother and Father are the parents of Child. A parenting plan was entered designating Mother as the primary residential parent and awarding Father 130 days of parenting time. 1,075 more words

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Equal Parenting Time Rejected in Chattanooga Parenting Plan Modification: Taylor v. Taylor

Facts: Mother and Father married in 2008, had Child in 2009, separated in 2010, and divorced in 2011. The trial court approved their agreed parenting plan with a schedule that provided for equal time while designating Mother as the primary residential parent. 810 more words

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Child Support Increase Reversed in Pulaski, TN: McFarland v. Bass

Facts: Mother and Father, parents to two daughters, were divorced. By agreement, Father was designated the primary residential parent and Mother enjoyed 156 days of parenting time. 466 more words

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Superior Parental Rights Leads to Reversal in Dandridge, TN Custody Dispute: Clark v. Cooper

Facts: Child was born to the never-married Mother and Father. Well after paternity and visitation were established, Mother and Father agreed to give “temporary legal and physical custody” of Child to the paternal grandparents. 408 more words

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Medical Neglect Leads to Child Custody Change in Nashville: In re Shayla H.

Facts: When Mother and Father divorced, Mother was designated the primary residential parent of Child.

Seven years later, Father petitioned to change custody, alleging that Mother failed to attend to Child’s medical needs and need for speech therapy. 705 more words

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