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The Bottom Feeders (Parents more interested in Child Support than Children)

Until you’ve actually gone through the process, you don’t can’t possibly imagine the challenges that can come from being in the family court system.  It’s an eye opener to say the least.   1,187 more words

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Ask Carolyn: "How can my wife and I challenge a DSS decision?"

Hi Carolyn,

I have 2 questions.

One, how can my wife and I challenge a DSS decision? The last time we talked I told you about the decision based on the 50b my wife put on me in 2008 which was dropped due to no evidence. 441 more words

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People Ask: "I never get to see my child, do I have to pay support?"

Do I have to pay child support if I don’t have custody or get to see my child? This is a common question I hear and the answer is “yes”; child support, child custody and timeshare are different issues. 467 more words

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12 Year Child Abduction Case Solved

Child-parent abductions happen way too often. They often arise from a child custody order that one parent is not too fond of. So, they take their child or children far away from the other spouse and essentially “hide” from the outside world. 402 more words

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Ask Carolyn: What happens when a protection order under Chapter 50B expires?

Dear Carolyn,

I need some advice.  Is it true that once a protection order under Chapter 50B expires regarding custody, the original joint custody order under Chapter 50 takes control? 282 more words

Carolyn J. Woodruff

Eat Dessert First! 1 Secret to Happy Kids and Special Times

Ahhhh! Dessert.  A sweet ending to a meal…or is it?

A question I often get is “How do I make my time special?”  Dinner and movies, the zoo, department store sprees only go so far.   136 more words

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Warrant for Physical Custody of Child Vacated in Columbia, TN Custody Case: In re Joel B.

Facts: Mother lives in California. Father lives in Tennessee. Child was born in Tennessee. A few months after Child’s birth, Mother left Tennessee with Child and returned to California. 558 more words

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