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Child Testimony in Court

Whether a child should testify is a struggle in every instance when it arises.  I have previously blogged on the law, the Jethrow standard that the Court applies in determining the process of a child testifying.   498 more words


Language as a vector of pain

I recently had someone tell me he disowns me. This struck me as an incongruous turn of phrase since he never owned me to begin with (nor does anyone else for that matter), thereby making disownership a non sequitur, a logical fallacy, a semantic impossibility. 197 more words



A High Court Judge in India had in a custody matter granted both parents restricted access to the child of the marriage. The Judge had directed that the father of the child should take custody of the child for four days in a week while the mother would take custody of the child for the remaining three days in the week. 549 more words

Top Priority For The Loving Parent(s)

Frequently in a marital dispute where children are involved, the number one priority for both loving parents is their child(ren) and that translates to child custody/visitation disputes.  107 more words

Child Custody

Failure to Encourage Relationship with Parent Leads to Change in Child Custody in Chattanooga: Dickerson v. Cantrell

Facts: Mother and Father, parents of Child, divorced in 2011. They agreed that Mother be designated the primary residential parent. Father received reasonable visitation.

Two years later, Maternal Grandparents filed a petition for… 657 more words

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