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Dear Baby Me: July 26, 1995

Dear Journal,
How are you? Nothing new. No swimming lessons today – to windy. We ate lunch at Arby’s and went to Grandma’s where we watched the usual shows, which include Saved by the Bell, Growing Pains, The New Lassie, I’m Telling, Masters of the Maze, Batman and, Rin Tin Tin. 235 more words

Dear Baby Me

Baby jumpers, bouncers, and other baby minders; developmental help or hindrance?

Everyone is looking to give their baby a leg up so to speak; and with time constraints, the constant reminder of “back to sleep”, and the bombardment with fancy new electronic toys, a parent is bound to be left with questions. 655 more words

Baby Walkers

Martial Arts Students Develop Lifelong Skills


Students who participate in martial arts classes at a young age can enjoypositive results into adulthood, the York Dispatch reported. When students enroll in team sports, they develop skills necessary to prosper in all areas in their lives. 39 more words

Martial Arts

Child Development

Author: Jean Mercer

Type: Non-fiction, essays

Full title: Child Development: Myths and Misunderstandings

Published: 2009

I read it: June 2014… 1,195 more words

5 Reasons to Teach Your Child a Second Language

The effects of learning a foreign language on the developing brain of a child are significant and offer major advantages over children who only learn one language. 707 more words


Positive discipline is not Punishment

The first weeks of a baby’s life can be grueling and tiring for the new parents. Some parents can be completely overwhelmed with this new life that is suddenly thrust upon them. 472 more words


"Crying It Out" - Parental Malpractice!

Having a caregiver that is responsive to a child’s needs and so attuned to subtle signals from the baby that he or she can meet the baby’s needs almost before the baby knows it’s distressed creates more secure, emotionally-able children, who as adults have confidence in partners that can last throughout life. 1,350 more words