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Emotional neglect: the hidden form of abuse

Neil Newton: Blogger and author of the novel The Railroad” on Amazon.com.

There are many stories about children, in Romania, in orphanages in post WWII Europe, where there was what is called failure to thrive. 724 more words

Crime and Punishment: Why I'm moving away from punishing my kids

I have a philosophical problem with punishing children, it stinks.

On a good day, it’s at least as hard on me, if not more so than it is on them, and I don’t like it. 646 more words

Moms That Suck

I know. You’re passionate about your kids. You want to be that model mom, and you want your kids to have all of the best, right? 1,605 more words

Child Development

Separation Anxiety?

Today, my center held its annual Easter egg hunt in which children get to dress up (optional), make easter baskets, and go outside and hunt for eggs filled with lots of fun treats! 752 more words

Child Development

To Julian on His First Birthday

Hey happy boy! It has been a whirlwind year for all of us – especially you – so thanks for being such a trooper :) 303 more words


Toddler Sleep

What’s “Normal” for a Toddler?

The amount of sleep an individual needs ranges a lot, based on their temperament, physiology, and daily activity level. The quality of their sleep also varies. 1,136 more words

Child Development

Who am I & why am I here?

I have a biography written, for my consulting business, which I use on my webpage, flyers, etc.,  This is it:

Carolyn Sanders is an Early Childhood Professional who has been in the child care business for over twenty five years, as a teacher and director.  190 more words