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Don't judge me, but...

I work 4 days a week and I’m very lucky that the in-laws looks after the boys on a Monday and Tuesday. I’m even luckier in that they sleep over at Nanny & Grandad’s on a Monday night. 342 more words

To the woman who wouldn't want me to undergo sterilization

I understand where you were coming from. Your reaction was no longer surprising nor offending to me. Maybe because the subject didn’t matter to me after all. 722 more words


Why We Don't Allow Kids Over Our House

Aloha! Ladies and Gents, here it is. The article we’ve all been waiting for…in place of me having to awkwardly explain why we’re not comfortable with you bringing your kids along when you come over. 708 more words


I'm not childless - I'm child free!

    I don’t have children and I don’t want children, I never did.  I went to my doctor aged 23 and asked to be sterilised.  She wouldn’t do it and said I would change my mind – I’m 42 now and evidently I don’t like change because my mind remains the same.  368 more words

Biological Clock


To have or not have is the question of the hour!

Yes, you read it right! It’s ‘child-free’ and NOT ‘child-less’. One implies physiological inability and the other is a right and an option. 535 more words

Kids Don't Belong In Salons

Let me just start by saying that I don’t typically work on Monday’s. It’s usually my only other day off other then Sunday. However, I booked a client for a massage at my friend’s salon yesterday because she usually comes in to see me on Saturday mornings and as of late, that hasn’t been working. 647 more words

My Work

Grief Handbook, Part IV

My mother desperately wanted grandkids of her very own.

She had numerous godchildren, as I’ve mentioned before, and she loved each of them so much.  They loved her, too–it was impossible, I think, not to love my mother–but of course they had a different relationship with her than I did.   234 more words