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When Your Trauma and Loss Doesn't Count

Why this infertility survivor is NOT off to see the wizard Round 1 Part 1

I have an obsession. However, this is not news. I’m a somewhat obsessive person by nature, always have been, and am no different in my infertile life. 2,079 more words


Why Having Kids Won't Fulfill You

Taken directly from Time.com, written by Maria Guido.

Jennifer Aniston, take note. You haven’t failed as a woman if you don’t have kids. 1,332 more words


Child-Free Weekend

Bless my mother’s heart for offering to babysit my son this weekend! I was sitting on my sister’s sofa, shaking, eyes closing as I spoke to her and I was ready to cry, out of shear exhaustion. 502 more words


Six Reasons Why There Ain't No "Maybe" When It Comes to Babies

As someone who’s more than happy living a child-free life, I, along with anyone else with the same mindset, are perpetually subjected to the world’s absolute certainty that “it’s just a phase” or “you’ll regret it.” Regardless of your gender, though women tend to be subjected to it more, it’s one of those ABSOLUTE EXPECTATIONS that you must have some babies with your significant other along with your career job, house, and RRSPs. 2,201 more words


The end of the year

I’m child free, unmarried and British. So when I tell you about my life, consider that I have a lot of freedom to do what I want. 257 more words


Why You Shouldn't Try To Sound Like a Dick: A Short Essay

Surely you have seen the postings about the parents who packaged up little goody bags for surrounding flyers on the flight with their young child. They included earplugs, a few little hard candies, and a cute little note “from the child” stating she was sorry if she got scared and/or made a lot of noise. 1,206 more words

Relative values

I am in my sixties now and looking back on my life NOT having children was the best thing I never did.

My dislike of children started in my childhood and I found no reason to change my views as I grew older. 603 more words

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