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Why Would You Want A Kid: Pt. 2

Allow me to freely diatribe on why I’ve chosen not to have children. As a younger woman, I used to think about what I would name my kids, and how many I would want, and at what age I might become a parent. 1,109 more words


Having Kids is Not the Be All & End All of My Adult Life

One of my very close friends has four kids. We work together, and we hang out together outside of work, but at the end of the day, I go home, and she goes home to… 1,070 more words


Why Would You Want a Kid?

I stumbled across a passage in a Sam Lipsyte short story whose narrator captured an excellent observation on “maternal types”: “She didn’t believe there was such a temperament, unless one assembled it in the culture factory”. 910 more words


When We Become a Mother or Father

A deep knowing breath.

The warmth of a soul scar healing just a bit more.

A sense of truth, understanding and validation.

This is just a tiny sense of what I felt when I read these words from  563 more words


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I am very pleased to re-blog this post for the purpose of sharing with others that there is hope in IF and there is recovery and finally yes RESOLUTION. The details and experiences of the above differs as much as there are differences of experiences with infertility. I have much respect for Justine and her message of hope in the midst of pain and the continued effort she puts forth daily to continue "Ever Upward" Well written, well shared and well lived!

Holidaying with Kids- when you don't have any...

We just went on holidays with our two kids. Lovely kids but you know kids… Our oldest just turned two and our youngest is 9 months. 250 more words

The One Thing the 1950s Got Right: Children Should be Seen and Not Heard

You know the cliche about “kids these days.” You try to avoid babysitting your friend’s bratty kid, and you glare at the mom who just stands there while her feral child tears up the store. 1,086 more words


Our tiny house choice...

We started our tiny house dream still thinking quite large (400-500 square feet) and wanting to build on a deck over trailer similar to this: 556 more words