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Thoughts on Motherhood

Lately I have spotted on the news various opinion articles written by women who confess having no regrets about deciding to stay childless. They are usually accompanied by numerous congratulatory comments from other women who have felt the pressure to become mothers for years. 538 more words


Children, our major issue

Our only major arguments and family issue during planning our wedding was about children. There were only 3 families invited to our wedding with children, we didn’t have any children ourselves and at that moment in our lives we didn’t surround ourselves with them and The Boy was probably a bit scared of them to be honest. 596 more words


Infertility - My Journey

When I was young, I was the go to person whenever a babysitter was needed. At 12/13 years old, Id be watching up to 6 or 7 kids, not much older than myself because that’s just the way it was set up, especially with my being the oldest. 902 more words

Personal Stories

Week twenty-six: Thirty-nine and no kidding

The thirties is a very enlightening era for most of us.  It’s when we realize we don’t really have to take shit from anyone anymore.  It when most of us finally actually grow up for real.   1,324 more words


The cost of being single

I read this.

Then got pissed off.

Being single is expensive. And despite the article’s title, it suggests that the reason for this is because single people go out more, and make more expensive lifestyle choices. 295 more words


Don't judge me, but...

I work 4 days a week and I’m very lucky that the in-laws looks after the boys on a Monday and Tuesday. I’m even luckier in that they sleep over at Nanny & Grandad’s on a Monday night. 342 more words

To the woman who wouldn't want me to undergo sterilization

I understand where you were coming from. Your reaction was no longer surprising nor offending to me. Maybe because the subject didn’t matter to me after all. 722 more words