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Relative values

I am in my sixties now and looking back on my life NOT having children was the best thing I never did.

My dislike of children started in my childhood and I found no reason to change my views as I grew older. 603 more words

Child Free

Why I Don't Want to Hold Your New Baby...

It’s that time of year where we all start to think about what the future will bring. And for many of the people I know, the future, or at least 2015, will revolve mainly around young babies –having them, congratulating them on first steps or boasting about their bowel movements on social media “OMG! 740 more words


If I did change my mind

I do my best to base my decisions on reasoning and hard evidence.

Sometimes this is tough.

The toughest times have come when I’ve found myself in a relationship that there is no denying is bad for me. 987 more words


I Saw Red

Transforming my space on the journey from I wish to what is

I’m not a big crier. I mean, I cry when I’m hurt or sad and normal things like that. 2,678 more words

Moving Forward

Kids Aren't For Everyone or How the Myth of Total Motherhood Hurts Everybody aka Parents: Treat Yo'self

Have you ever been asked when you are going to procreate? Or when you are going to bring a sibling into the world to join your current child? 959 more words


Giving Thanks

As a black sheep, the things I am thankful for probably sound offensive.

Like, I am so, so, so thankful that I don’t have kids. 516 more words


Underwater Energy Farms, Ecosystem Cities, and More!


Informed Insights:

Yes, Virginia, Santa’s Home is Melting 3x Faster Than the South Polar ice is increasing – and climate change is affecting both. 286 more words