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Giving Thanks

As a black sheep, the things I am thankful for probably sound offensive.

Like, I am so, so, so thankful that I don’t have kids. 516 more words


Underwater Energy Farms, Ecosystem Cities, and More!


Informed Insights:

Yes, Virginia, Santa’s Home is Melting 3x Faster Than the South Polar ice is increasing – and climate change is affecting both. 286 more words

A Letter To The Offended Parents

Dear Offended Parent,

Deciding to not have children was easy for me, internally. Externally, I always felt like I was the odd duck. The peculiar girl who has no desire to have children. 2,043 more words

They never hear "You'll change your mind."

You’ll change your mind when you’re older.”

I have been hearing that phrase since I was sixteen years old.

Back then, I agreed with it. 739 more words



We know what you’re thinking. A baby? In medical school? With both of you as medical students?? That doesn’t sound very responsible. Well, we can’t disagree that it sounds a little irresponsible (especially compared to waiting until we’re both 35 year old doctors), but we can promise two things: 1) This baby was intentional (despite what your friends may be saying ;D) and 2) We have given the decision LOTS of thought, which we will give you a taste of in this blog post. 2,854 more words

"I'm a child, not a choice"

I saw this bumper sticker today while I was running errands and it really struck a chord with me. I am all about equal rights for everyone but I’m also a big advocate for “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. 323 more words

Don't Call Me "Mother"

As a woman, I feel the weight of others’ expectations on my shoulders every day.

Whether it’s how I should behave as a wife or a friend, or what my performance should look like at work; whether it’s imposed gender norms or the government and religious conservatives telling me what rights I have or don’t over my own body—because I am a woman, everyone seems to think they have a say in my choices, in how I am supposed to act, think, and feel. 1,864 more words

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